Sunday, July 26, 2009

$10 Girly T-Shirts!

I love dressing up casual tees with dressy accessories and heels, and I also love wearing tees with jeans and flip-flops! Well, for all of you out there who are seeking some affordable tops that will add some fun to your summer wardrobe, check out Ten Bills.

Tell me these aren't adorably creative. There are also some for your guys (need to buy presents anyone?). The tees are 100% cotton, which is great when it comes to "breathing" and avoiding persistent sweating. And this is totally important when the sun beats down. (Be sure to use their sizing charts, however, because it is said that a little shrinking could happen.)

Tell 'em Elana of Good Girl Gone Shopping you! You can follow their updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. I know I am!

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