Monday, March 9, 2009

So the Economy IS Affecting Your Shopping Habits: Part 1 (Handbags)

The results are in! My recent poll proved three truths: some of your will still shop designer, some of you shop glam for less, and some don't shop at all anymore. For those who don't shop anymore, now is the time to wholeheartedly stylize your existing clothes with versatility in mind. Can your basic black tee be worn under a vest, with a chic scarf, layered over a long-sleeve tee, and/or take on a classier personality with a thick belt hanging loosely from it? I am passionate about helping men and women save money by helping them approach their closet with fresh eyes. (I know, you already get my personal shopping and styling philosophy, right?)

For y'all who still shop designer and those who shop glam for less can now meet in the middle! Brand name shopaholics can save money without really trying, and glam for less fashionistas can save money on designer wear with a little research and faith. The majority of top online boutiques and retail mass producers have their sale section highlighted for your attention, or simply provide a mixture of affordable and high-end collections. After all, retailers and boutique owners are quite aware that the economy is affecting everyone's spending habits. So reaching out to everyone, both the budget-conscious and the splurgers, e-commerce sites are featuring quality, affordability, and trendy styles. With special attention to where your dollar is going, everyone can truly turn the pennies into quarters.

So because you probably spend your free time on the Internet writing, blogging, tweeting, etc. (of course in between shopping, working, enjoying nightlife in the city, and taking vacations), I present you with a list of top sites that are full of fun collections.

And FYI: this "So the Economy IS Affecting Your Shopping Habits" will be a series. As the Good Girl Gone Shopping, I will bring you lists of sites that cater to your particular fashion needs.

First up, it's Part 1: HANDBAGS (inspired by the Louis V., handbag-alicious Amanda Allison of "Fashion, Love, and Martinis")

So here are 5 fabulous online stores that you can count on for a $100-or-less handbag splurge: A candy-colored hue, such as this hot pink handbag from MAXX NEW YORK, will brighten up your wardrobe! A magnetic closure, studded belts at the side, and zebra-printed lining? Helloooo! The details of this "Monte Carlo" shopper bag is so worth the $96.90 sale price. Originally retailing at $145, this MAXX NEW YORK purse also comes in saffron (yellow) and teal. All three colors are fun shades to add to not just your spring wardrobe; go ahead and turn a bleak winter in a fashionable wonderland. You can still be fabulous when running errands, with or without your own Rebecca Minkoff canvas and leather "Bread and Wine" tote. But with it, you will definitely stand out as a domestic diva! A retail value of $185 is definitely on the pricey side, when it comes to a running-around purse. So with's marked down sale price of $99.90 (with a current additional 10% off!), this fun tote is all yours. If royal blue ain't your thing, this bag also comes in chocolate with gold lettering. Of the oversized hobos and clutches in my closet, I don't have a cute lil in-between purse for afternoon dates with my boyfriend or coffee house chatting with my mom. This pink suede bag is selling for $99 on (originally priced at $199) is also available in blue, and it is said that "The JISU small pink rotunda drawstring embodies the phrase 'Good things come in small packages.'" Honestly, I think it's quite adorable and feminine. Marked down from $115, this Guess "Obsession" Satchel is now $85.99. Speaking of getting use our of your purchases, this faux crocodile patent leather handbag can be worn with anything and EVERYTHING. Whether you want to make it pop with an all-black ensemble, or allow it to naturally complement a pastel-patterned dress, a cream, medium-sized handbag is a good staple (unless you are likely to spill your coffee on everything, like me). This classy, structured handbag is also available in grey and coral. The insanely popular Juicy Couture line is pretty costly for such trendy designs, wouldn't you agree? Well, this cute $95 Velour Classic Beatric Bag is, well, pretty good for such a sought-after collection. My favorite part of this (makeup, phone, and keys) bag is the gold metal satchel; it adds a nice toughness to such a youthful purse. The jewel encrusted flower ornament is also a nice detail. Marked down from $155, not bad at all. For designer-coveted shopaholics, eluxury is also a HUGE Louis Vuitton retailer and full of beautiful Marc Jacobs designs.

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yummy411 said...

cute finds for those right in the middle!

Anonymous said...

Love the Pink Bag, it's Barbiesh in a way but cool! :)