Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Lucky Denim Challenge -- My Last Attempt to Sway Your Votes!

This picture of me, which I posted previously on Good Girl Gone Shopping, was my response to The Lucky Denim Challenge: "How Would You Dress Up Your Jeans for a Night Out?" (a link to my profile). Many of you have already seen this pic.

So the story is this: After I received an e-mail telling me about the contest, and encouraging me to enter, I submitted this photo. Please note: this was uploaded two months ago (before the contest deadline said January 5th), so I will admit that if I were to submit a photo now, I may have stylized myself slightly differently. Maybe some chunky necklaces, possibly skinny jeans (I have lost a few pounds since that shot)...who knows?! But I am still happy that I went for the "Chic With a Rocker Edge" look because I believe it to be classy.

The winner gets to stylize a photoshoot for Lucky Magazine. What an opportunity! So instead of simply rating me on my look, please check out the other gals and see the kind of comments I have left for them regarding THEIR styles. I am not a hater! I enjoy seeing how others interpret trends and style of dress to fit their personality. To ME: critiquing others, providing tips, giving kudos to what worked...those are traits of a stylist. And even though the contest is based on we stylize ourselves....I don't know.

Get what I'm tryin' to say? Anyhoo, may the best gal win! Runner-ups get to be featured in the mag. Still great exposure.

Thanks for your support, and to those who have already voted!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

With all of the networking and voting I better get a mention when you win!!

The Muse said...

Yes I recall that AND I sure did vote :)....
Merry Christmas!

Amanda Allison said...

I love how you described what a stylist really should be and I couldn't agree more.

Good luck with the contest!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Join the Gossip -- Of course dahling! Hope it actually happens.

The Muse -- You're so sweet! I know I can always count on you.

Amanda -- I'm so glad that there is someone who gets what I'm saying. I think it's a great contest, but...well, you feel me. ;)