Thursday, June 18, 2015

'The Art of Melrose' Celebrates the Character of 'Fashion' Tonight, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.!

For my 16th birthday, I didn’t want a “Sweet Sixteen” or to hang out with a bunch of friends. Nope. All I wanted was to go with my mom to Melrose and buy “something vintage.” And that’s what we did. The next day, I returned to school in the Inland Empire (Pomona High School) as the prideful outcast that I was, wearing my new treasured item: an argyle-printed, turquoise cardigan. And the rest is history...LA eventually became my home.

Now, an LA blogger who is still a total Melrose enthusiast and shopper, I’m proud to help announce something extremely cool and accessible: The Art of Melrose. Basically, it’s a celebratory, 3-series event that will take place the third Thursday of every month throughout June, July, and August. The Art of Melrose starts tonight, June 18th, from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. 

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“The goal of the event is to showcase tremendous opportunities and value where consumers, and all of LA, will realize the magic that is Melrose,” says Don Duckworth, Executive Director of the Melrose Business Improvement District (BID), during our recent phone chat.

According to Duckworth, the BID is brand new – just a year old: “It’s a district that was formed by a vote of the property owners. The BID is a legal entity that was adopted just to promote business on the street.”

So how did the concept of The Art of Melrose come about?

“One of things that we have a desire – and an obligation – to do is to promote the full length of Melrose and all of the characters that are different from area to area.  And so we tried to figure out something that really identified the uniqueness and the fascinating array of activities and opportunities that are available on Melrose," says Duckworth. "So we came up with the idea of celebrating the art of Melrose in three unique characters; one being fashion, another being design, and another being expression. Each of those characters that stretch over a different number of blocks on Melrose, really add up to a story of what this street really is and the opportunities it has for people…whether you’re a shopper or a window shopper, or someone who is just looking to have a good meal and experience something good and fun in Los Angeles.”

As a super excited local resident who is welcoming The Art of Melrose, and all that it represents, I appreciate learning from Duckworth that the business owners along Melrose are pumped and full of enthusiasm too! Tonight's 'Focus on Fashion' event will take place in the center section of the BID in the Gardner, Martel and Fuller blocks (the area that is home to a large concentration of high-end boutiques, trendy restaurants, and unique stores). 

“Some business owners are going to have in-store models and fashion shows…there will be live music and restaurant specials. So there’s a lot of enthusiasm we’ve been met with and that’s very gratifying,” says Duckworth. “Once we get that enthusiasm going, it’s infectious and it will build upon itself. And we’re hoping to bring back the buzz of Melrose.” 

To keep you in the know, here are some of the participating businesses and what they’re offering tonight, during this much-anticipated fashion event:

 • 310 Jeans: 50% off
 • B. Poy & Jo: Live music and complimentary cocktails
 • Blackjack Clothing: 20% off
 • Bliss: 20% off
 • Cosmo & Nathalia Glamsquad: Live models, live music, dancing, 15% discount
 • Couture, The Clothing Company: Gift with purchase
 • Essex Clothing: Complimentary beverage
 • For The Love of Motorcycles: View Motorcycle Street Collection and gift of Power Plant t-shirt with $100 purchase.
 • Groove Theory: 20% off
 • Italiano Couture: Celebrity jewelry designer Uccellino Couture will be in-store selling a selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, glasses and custom pieces.
 • Jigsaw Melrose: 20% off
 • Kawaba Rice Ball: Sampling of dessert offerings
 • La Creme Café: Complimentary 12 oz organic coffee drink with purchase of savory or sweet crepe
 • London Shoes: 50% off & refreshments
 • Monster-a-GoGo: Live models in window, 20% off
 • Psychic Alana: Complimentary palm reading
 • Vinoteque on Melrose: Extended happy hour

Already obsessed with the concept of this 3-series event?! Get in touch with The Art of Melrose by visiting its website and/or by connecting via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! 

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