Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LA Fashion Stylist 'RiRi' Shows the Beauty in Versatility!

(Fashion sets by RiRi/ skirt from Rihanna's collection for River Island)

One of the biggest challenges many women are faced with is: How to wear the same thing more than once...differently. Every fashion piece carries versatility, but too many times, people disillusion themselves into thinking things like, "But I just wore that! Everybody will be able to tell if I wear it again." Not the case if you put on your creative cap and think versatility, as this really is key to fashion and exploring one's personal style. 

So I asked RiRi (Sheri Thomas), an LA-based fashion stylist to put together three looks worked around the same item. She chose this fabulously feminine skirt from Rihanna's collection for River Island. (The middle look totally speaks to me, because I enjoy the contrast of black with a soft color.) I also asked her a few questions about her work, because I'm naturally intrigued with the mind of a stylist. Enjoy! 

So tell me about your beginnings...How did you get into styling?

Well now, let's see... I've actually always, since I can remember, LOVED clothes, watching fashion week and fashion shows on TV, buying magazines and just trying to emulate the styles that caught my attention with a little twist on it of course, because my pockets were never as fat as my taste lol. So as a kid I'd change clothes about 5 times before I went to school, and when things got too little for me like pants or shirts I'd cut them up and make shorts or midriffs or what have you. I then realized I loved clothes. By trade I am a hair stylist. I grew up in the salon environment because my mother was and still is in the beauty industry, so hair/fashion/beauty/makeup all mesh together, which ultimately is my life.

What drives you as a fashion stylist?

As a fashion stylist, being able to be creative and inspire everyday people with a classic, versatile outlook on fashion is what drives me. It makes me happy to see people feel good about themselves.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

On a daily basis I am a mother first. So my kids inspire me to always strive for greatness. Also the littlest things can spark inspiration for me...colors, patterns and nature.

As a stylist who works with both men and women, are there certain set of challenges with each?

Hmmm... People in general always give you certain challenges. Some more than others, not particularly male or female. Its more of a comfort zone thing with people or egos and people who want to do my job that I find most But I understand ultimately the person being styled has to feel most confident and comfortable because after all they are wearing the clothes. So it's definitely a compromise and a give and take relationship between the stylist and client.

(LA-based fashion stylist, RiRi!)

How would you describe an ideal client?

An ideal client for me has an open mind or is a blank canvas, is versatile and definitely comfortable with my eye. Also an ideal client will have an eye for style, which in collaboration with each other, we can create a harmonious outcome.

Tell me about the process of working with a client; if I were to go to you and say “Help!” How would we proceed? 

Basically, we'd have a consultation where we'd discuss you and your needs. Once that is established, depending on what your necessity is, we'd go from there. I offer closet makeovers, personal shopping, personal styling, look books, and daily, weekly, monthly consults.

Which stores can you always depend on to uncover great finds for clients?

I love vintage, thrift, and small boutique stores for great one-of-a-kind pieces.

How would you describe your own style? 

My style is effortless, classic and versatile. It's like depending on how my hair is, my clothes have to coordinate, and vice versa.

What are your thoughts about the fashion industry as a whole?

The fashion industry as a whole is amazing. Very artsy and creative human beings. 

What are the 3 essentials all women need in their closet? And what about for men? 

For both men and women, the 3 staple items that you must own are a pair of black pants, a white button up blouse/shirt and a brown belt!

To keep up with RiRi's fun fashion sets, be sure to follow her on Instagram! To directly reach the lovely LA fashion stylist regarding consultations, please email  

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