Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Start...Continue...Just Don't Stop!

(Rare photo of me being a tad festive...Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year!

So I had a perfect New Year's Eve. I spent it with my best friend and her 2-year old son. She set up this backdrop in her dining room and we played, posed, and enjoyed a night in with champagne and cheap pizza. I could have gotten dolled up and hit a bar or put on my dancing shoes and shook it (or "twerked it"...ugh, hate that word) on the dance floor. But 2013 was such a transformation for me that I just wanted to reflect and enjoy good conversation without yelling over loud music. (Also, I'm 33 now...I can't hang like a 21 year-old anymore!)

In 2013, my biggest changes included a major career move (from editorial manager and senior editor of Plastic Surgery Studios to the social media coordinator of Firm Media) and relocating from the comfort of the Inland Empire to the excitement of Los Angeles. As for personal growth, amidst these decisions, I've learned when to let go and choose peace instead of debilitating friendships and relationships. I gained a closer relationship to God, as I welcomed the birth of a new niece while also losing a dear uncle and older sibling.

I also came to the understanding that my role as a writer, blogger, storyteller, talkaholic (call it what you will) holds an important place in the field of fashion and social media, and the overall arena of communications. Networking with amazing fashion designers, PR companies, and fellow writers has increased my natural-born interest in style and image even more! Throughout my journey in 2013, there were moments of both sadness and happiness...confusion and clarity....disgust and love. But most importantly, I never stopped doing ME. In fact, I am just getting started! I have a lot to offer you - my amazing, supportive readers. The great stuff in store for you includes more exclusive interviews, giveaways, event highlights, and all of my randomness that I like to believe you adore so much.

May 2014 allow you to continue to explore your talents and come to a better understanding of who you really are. So start something new...continue what you may have put on hold due to fear...Just don't stop. Don't hold back your gifts from the world. Show 'em what you're made of.


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