Thursday, November 28, 2013

Top 15 Things I'm Most Thankful For...

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Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the top 15 things I'm most thankful for every day...but especially during the season of gratitude. I'd love to know some of your top blessings. Please comment and share! 

1. The unconditional love from my entire family (both near and far)
2. My ability to (eventually) see the good in every situation
3. Getting text messages, phone calls, and FaceTime moments with my nieces and nephews. I'm a proud auntie! (But time sure does fly...)
4. The Baristas at Starbucks who know my drink by heart and prepare it while I'm in line, saving me time so I'm not late to work!
5. Having careers in the fields of fashion and communication (applying the knowledge I've gained from studying, and getting a degree in, journalism)
6. Seeing my random, silly thoughts bring smiles and laughter to friends and colleagues
7. Getting text messages from my mama that encourage me to be a responsible adult ("Did you schedule that doctor's appointment yet, honey?")
8. Past flings and flames that didn't work out.
9. Owning beautiful, passed-down jewelry from my maternal grandmother, including a gorgeous pearl necklace I only stare at but don't wear (miss you grandma...)
10. Friends who understand my busy schedule and still reach out to me
11. That print is NOT dead (yet)
12. My "community" of coed roommates who respect my alone time while always ready to chat when I'm willing
13. The undying support and encouragement of my mentors (s/o to Chris S. and Kaylene P.)
14. Having New York Fashion Week on my agenda this February. Flight and hotel booked! (Love you, Carmen, for an early bird on fab deals!)
15. Having the God-given talent to communicate effectively through writing. 

Enjoy your day, everyone!


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