Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Win a Pair of Jimmy Choo Heels! (No Joke!)


DoctorInsole, the first over-the-counter, corrective insole for people of all ages and lifestyles (at an affordable cost!), is giving away 2 PAIRS of Jimmy Choo shoes to a fan on Facebook or Twitter who is all about sharing the love! Cool kind of collabo, huh? When I heard about this contest, which starts today, I was like "Ummm...YES. I need to let my readers know about this!" I mean, really, it's all about happy feet. When your feet feel good, you smile. When your feet LOOK great in a pair of hot heels, you're definitely smiling. So a marriage between the two for a fun promo contest is pretty smart. 

So my lovelies, there are 2 WAYS to enter to win a pair of Jimmy Choos:

 (1) Tell you friends to like DoctorInsole on Facebook (facebook/doctorinsole) and leave a comment in the comment section with who referred you! (Me: Elana, Good Girl Gone Shopping)

(2) Follow DoctorInsole on Twitter (twitter.com/doctorinsole) and tweet the following:  #Choos me for your #ChooX2 Contest @DoctorInsole! Referred by @GoodGirlShops. FRIENDS, Follow to win, tell them I sent you!"

And yeah, 'cause I'm an honest kind of girl (hence, "Good Girl Gone Shopping"), this contest could benefit me too! As a fashion blogger, I could win a pair of Jimmy Choo heels! Basically, one of the top referrals and one of THEIR top referrals will both win a pair! (So a little teamwork, folks!) CONTEST: BEGINS TODAY, OCTOBER 1 ---> NOVEMBER 15, 2013

Any question for moi, please leave a comment here or message me via my contact form. Good luck!!! xo