Thursday, September 19, 2013

Giving Back to Your Community is ALWAYS in Style!

(Excitement from Cowboy Burgers & BBQ's Samantha and Renato at Eat & Be Well 2012/ Photo Courtesy of Firm Media/)
I've had the honor of sitting down for a one-on-one interview with Betsey Johnson. I've had the opportunity to sit with Lisa Kline and listen to her story of tragedy and triumph. I've had the pleasure of being one of few industry folk to attend a private showcase for Kevan Hall. I've attended a luncheon and chatted with Candace Bushnell, one of the most awe-inspiring "chick lit" authors of the 21st century.

These amazing career highlights are just a few of the experiences that have impacted my work in fashion and internet marketing. Each powerful moment has helped hone my storytelling skills on both a personal and professional level.

What I have yet to truly embark on in my adult life is donating my time and energy to something much greater than myself. Sure, I write to connect with others, hopefully entertaining and inspiring my readers. But I've yet to use my energy and abilities to help a group of people on a large scale. I'm usually the person who gives a dollar to that (same) person standing outside the supermarket or compliment a homeless women on the cute purse she uses to collect change ("Thanks! It's my favorite color!"). I always try to do a little here and there, where I can, 'cause I enjoy bringing a smile to a person's face and brightening his or her day.

(Eat & Be Well 2012/ Photo Courtesy of Firm Media)

So I'm waaaaaay excited to be a part of this year's Eat & Be Well event. What it is: A one-day event celebrating the Thanksgiving season by supporting the underserved of San Bernardino County. This occasion, which takes place the day before Thanksgiving, provides a full, satisfying meal to the community while also providing participants access to free health and wellness resources.

How do I know so much about this event? Because when I'm not writing about fashion, I work for a socially-conscious company that is firmly rooted in the beauty of giving back - Firm Media. Based in Monrovia, CA, this internet marketing company is headed by CEO Christopher A.
--> Suchánek  --> - co-founder of Eat & Be Well. See the connection? So as the social media coordinator, I am not only helping to spread the word about this event on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, I will be spending my day-before-Thanksgiving at this event, giving back to the community. (Chris' wife Ana Karina Suchánek is the other co-founder. Together, these two are so dynamic in their volunteer efforts and commitments...It's amazing!)

(Eat & Be Well 2012/ Photo Courtesy of Firm Media)

So of course, I am going to make good use of my Good Girl Gone Shopping blog and not only help promote this particular Eat & Be Well event; I'd like to be clear about my thoughts on giving back. Here's the thing: It's always in style! If you have the energy to hunt through clearance racks and deal with pushy (or totally absent) salespeople, I'm betting you have the energy to hunt through your cupboard for some essential canned foot items or serve someone a hot plate of food  Straight up.

If you would like to participate at this event, please visit Eat & Be Well. This is its second annual, one-day event. It will be held on November 27, 2013 at Seville Park & Cypress Neighborhood Center in Fontana, CA. 

I'd love to know where, or how, you've spent your time giving back to the community! Do share by leaving a comment!



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Unknown said...

Awesome event! I love giving back! Volunteering is so rewarding. I've done volunteer work for two different food banks and always volunteer to help support local talent in the fashion world.