Monday, July 2, 2012

Yes, I Did Ask the Question: Is it Healthy to Celebrate Plus-Size Fashion?

I am a writer by nature -- communicating through written word has always been my calling. From seven years old to my mid-teens, I didn't want others to know what I was feeling. Writing my thoughts down in a book, closing it, and tucking it away in a drawer felt right at the time. I loved feeling safe. My journal was my best friend -- it didn't judge me the way I assumed a real person would.

But as I got older and began reading magazines, such as Sassy Magazine, YM, and Seventeen, I loved reading the thoughts of others. There was just something so cool about digesting how another person worded sentences together, and created beautiful music using interesting syntax and grammar. And the big words magazine writers would use...Wow, I was sucked in and inspired. I remember thinking that the authors of personal narrative articles must be so brave to put their feelings out to the world.

In my late teens, after I graduated high school and began college, my confidence grew and I felt more comfortable speaking out and voicing my opinion through writing. In the year 2000, I wrote an opinion piece for CSUF's "The Daily Titan," in regards to how it felt being mixed and feeling forced to fill in just one "race" circle on a job application or survey. I was nervous to write it, because I wasn't sure who could relate. I didn't know if it was a silly 'ol topic. But my gut was telling me to just do it -- and I listened. That article received praise from other news reporters and editors, I recall. But it wasn't the praise that comforted me after it ran in the paper; it was the fact that I wrote powerful enough to affect them. That the topic was either relatable or it raised awareness to those who are not mixed and can't relate.

Today, I live to share my thoughts. Interesting how that evolved over the years. I can't even remember the last time I kept my thoughts in a journal, let alone to myself! Not only do I love connecting with you, my lovely Good Girl Gone Shopping readers, I love connecting with the readers and audience of Agenda Magazine. (Awesomely, some of you are both!) It is actually the 8th year anniversary of Agenda, and I am proud to say that I have been with this online fashion publication since its second issue. I have been writing my "Talking Chic" column for Agenda since 2004, and have always been supported by its editor-in-chief, Kaylene Peoples. She has always encouraged me to be true to my convictions and just be myself. 

And onto my recent column, published today, titled, "Is It Healthy to Celebrate Plus-Size Fashion?" Please note: I do realize the sensitivity of what I wrote. Weight-related discussions among women are just that: sensitive. As you read my "Talking Chic" column in Agenda, I want you to understand that I did not set out to judge or offend anyone. Rather, my intent was to communicate my feelings about our society's health as a whole and its relationship to the retail industry. With the support of Kaylene, and a few others who know that my writing is authentic and always comes from sincerity, I present to you: "Is It Healthy to Celebrate Plus-Size Fashion?"

With Independence Day two days away, I guess no better time than now when it comes to exercising my freedom of speech. So thank you for reading! If you would like to share any comments, please visit Agenda, and let 'em loose!


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