Monday, May 28, 2012

Friendship and Fashion: Season 2 of 'Single Ladies' Starts Tonight!

                                                        Watch and see what's in store!!!                                     

I love when friendship between women -- especially black women -- is depicted in a positive, healthy, mature manner on television. I've pretty much stopped watching the reality TV ridiculousness, such as "Basketball Wives" and I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Housewives' series. I can only take so much of cattiness, bullying, and competitive angst between adults before I turn off the TV in disgust. I used to find so much fun and entertainment in these antics, but the closer I analyze what is on TV (and what teenage girls are probably watching and being influenced by), I admit that it's all crap. Sometimes I AM in the mood for crap to be on in the background as I clean or work on a project, but it's few and far between now.

That said, I am ecstatic that VH1's "Single Ladies" has returned; the season two premiere starts tonight at 9/8 c. The acting on this drama, soap opera-esque series can be a little cheesy and a little...well...just OK, the gist of it all is what I love. Beautiful, career-driven women in beautiful fashions...enjoying beautiful friendships! Stacey Dash, who starred in "Single Ladies" last season won't be returning. And although she was my favorite character ("Val" -- a fashion boutique owner and stylist) and will definitely miss seeing her fabulousness on the show, I am open to seeing what the new season brings. LisaRaye McCoy ("Keisha") and Charity Shea ("April") return, and the newest single lady on the show is Denise Vasi ("Raquel").

If you're a "Sex and the City" junkie and have a taste for steamy romance novels, you may delight in this hour-long drama adorned in colorful, chic fashion statements. I especially appreciate the diverse range of friendships and relationships portrayed in a positive light, both in terms of race and sexuality.

So pop the cork on your wine and have your cozy slippers nearby. It should be a delightful night of viewing pleasure!


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Thanks for featuring this show, have not seen it and I did love sex & the city...thinks I have the same love for shoes as Carrie :)

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