Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rock Concert Wear: Dos and Don'ts

So I will be attending The Bouncing Souls concert in a few weeks, and I'm totally excited! It will be my second time seeing this east coast punk band. The first time was at The Glass House in downtown Pomona months ago, and now their upcoming show will be in Anaheim at the House of Blues. I bring this up not only because I can't wait to enjoy their music up close and personal -- I am already thinking about what I'm going to wear. And I realize that if I'M thinking about what I plan to wear to a standing-only show, there are many of you out there who may be thinking about the same thing as you prepare to see one of your favorite bands/musicians in a venue such as these.

So what to wear...hmmmm. It naturally depends on various factors. So here are some of my tips on how to determine what to wear, with some ideas on what to wear and what not to wear, piece by piece (all from personal experience):

Accessories: You may love making a statement with your accessories, be it chunky necklaces or multi-colored dangly earrings. But unless you are headed to a concert hall that has comfy seats and ushers, I highly suggest going for studs and no necklaces. Think about it: The mosh pit may be close to you and you may be waving and pumping your fists in the hair throughout the show. you really want to lose a piece of your accessories due to the hustling and bustling of hyper concert-goers? It is likely that your excitement could even cause you to accidentally knock an accessory off. You know, all the movement and stuff. Not worth it. Save the elaborate accessories for a Mariah Carey concert.

Handbags: Don't you wanna keep your hands free? It's natural to feel the music and wave your arms. So, I think it's best to avoid bringing a clutch or a handbag that can't be worn on your shoulders. In fact, the most ideal type of bag to take is a satchel-like purse that can be worn across your shoulders so it can just lie at your side. And it's best to keep it on the small side, with just enough room for your keys, wallet, and phone. (OK, some room for makeup may make you happy too.) The last thing you want is to get shoulder groove pains because it's too heavy.

Shoes: Going to a show that is standing only means that you will be STANDING. Heels, of course, are an adorable accent to most outfits. But most of you don't arrive just in time to see the headliner. You will most likely be standing throughout all of the opening bands. This means that you could be standing for up to five hours. Keep this mind when you shop for concert wear or pick out your favorite shoes to wear. Flats, my friends, will be your best friend at a concert hall like the Glass House or House of Blues.

Shirts: A cotton tank, I believe, is the best bet when it comes to going to a concert. With so many bodies close by, you are bound to get hot and possibly even sweaty (depending on the intensity of the show). And should the weather be chilly -- yes I know it's the season of cold and rain -- bring a sweatshirt that can be tied around your waist. That way, you're not shivering walking in and walking out of the venue.

Pants: Jeans are a given -- comfy jeans, that is. Feeling cute is always important, no matter where you go. But be practical also. Again, you're standing for hours, and may be sweating...So when your pants are really tight, that can feel gross after awhile. So leave yourself some breathing room. You may need to push through the crowds for a bathroom break, drinks, and/or food. Allow yourself to move swiftly and easily when making your way through the crowds. It's not the time to have to continue to hike up tight jeans throughout the entire night. Think: no hassle.

Shorts: Just like pants, you want to wear shorts that are ultra comfy. Also, they probably shouldn't be too short. If you are someone who crowd surfs, especially...There will be hands touching your body. Do you want to feel uncomfortable or upset because there is someone trying to hold you up too high on your thighs? Just be smart.

Dresses/Skirts: These pieces of clothing can be iffy. I am actually steering you away from wearing dresses or skirts to a standing only rock concert. There is typically a lot of testosterone surrounding you (depending who the band or musician is), and there is such a thing as wandering hands. I know that this article isn't about the safety of concerts, but what you wear definitely plays a role in it. There are many of you, however, that may feel more comfortable and free wearing a dress or skirt, because you may feel less stuff and hot. Hey, to each her own. This is just my perspective as to what will benefit as well as hinder your experience at a fun show.

Before I wrote this, I consulted a blogger friend (who is a regular concert-goer herself), asking her if she thought that this topic would be of interest to readers. Her response was, "Yes!!! I have never read anything of this sort before It sounds like it would be extremely helpful." So I went for it.

Are you glad I did?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

GREAT tips! In fact, that outfit you posted is perfect! It's all about feeling comfortable and being safe, since we all know punk shows get rowdy! Those pants you picked are nice - I may have to go grab a pair :)

Unknown said...

yeah really good tips! i will be attending my first concert soon - FOUR FREAKING DAYS UGHHHH SO EXCITED - so thanks for your help! cheers. x

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Very cool Ariane!!! Hope you have a blast. I was 14 when I went to my first concert. I saw Voodoo Glow Skulls in Downtown Pomona (SoCal). What a night! Hope you are cute AND comfy! xo