Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whooga Boots to Keep My Toes Toasty!

UGG boots were never my thing. I used to think (to be honest) that they were dull and silly. The always came across to me as average and boring. Even though many fashionistas can pull them off, showing off their personal styles, I just never took to them.

But then I received a pair of nearly knee-high Whooga UGG-inspired, eco-friendly, weave black boots...I LOVE them! This Australian company definitely understands comfy footwear.

The pair that I am wearing, Whooga weave boots, can be worn straight up, scrunched down, or folded over. Think of leg warmers -- a nearly identical concept. The ribbed cotton style hugs your calves nicely. If you wear them straight up, which I like to do mostly, they may start to scrunch down slightly, but not annoyingly enough that you don't ever want to wear them again.

NOW, I get why UGG boots have become so popular -- they are like slippers with sole support and keep your toes all nice and toasty. I still won't be the kind of SoCalifornian who wears them with skirts on a hot day (no offense if you do). I like them for practical reasons. Pictured above, I wore them with leggings, a flirty floral dress, and my leather rocker jacket. A chilly night downtown Pomona called for my Whoogas!

Check out their site to see their selected styles. Prices are on the high side, typically over $100 per pair. (The boots that I have are on sale right now for $98, down from $170. It appears that black is not available anymore, but there are multiple basic colors to choose from.)  But if you live in a cold region, and really need to keep warm, my bet is you'll be happy with your purchase. Good quality and will add to a seasonally appropriate wardrobe.

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Those are way cute! I never bought actual Uggs because I was convinced the style would fade quickly. Guess I was wrong! Hehe!

Marinda said...

Some good info here. I like your style!