Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's In YOUR Handbag?

I am guilty of not cleaning out my handbag on a regular basis. And I say this with embarassment. I know that in order to stay organized you must get rid of clutter. Whether it's cleaning out your closet, cleaning out your desk, or cleaning out your handbag, it is important to reduce the amount of junk that has accrued. Simplifying what you have will only make your life less stressful.

So as I am about to attempt to clean out my trusty H&M black hobo bag, I realize that it's a new day to start over. I must not hold on to what I don't need. I must say bye-bye to my many mini-notebooks, change purses, and other things that are simply weighing my purse down. Fumbling through my purse every day is nothing but a burden, and although I could use the excuse that I'm too busy to do so...I won't. My name is Elana, and I am a handbag hoarder.

'Cause all you really need in your handbag is: a small pouch of makeup, your wallet, keys, phone, any necessary feminine products, and possibly a camera. Honestly, what else really belongs? Junk is junk, and I should know better.

What is in YOUR handbag?

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raquel roysdon said...

I love my handbag and carry my wallet, my makeup, my Iphone and my Ipad when I'm going to work, my toothpicks.
I had to get a bigger bag just to carry my ipad too.

Heidi Walker said...

Lets see I have in my handbag...

change purse
printed out important papers that I never remember to remove
too many receipts
AVON books
lip gloss
finger protector(I accidentally still them from the office)
and prolly some more junk...

YES I NEED to organize :-)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! Isn't it so interesting as to how what we carry in our handbag reflects who we are?

SohoAccessories said...

My list would be toooo long.. 8>) Yes I should really organize my stuff,but I always think that if I take something out of my purse then I will need it.

Unknown said...

ahh like a million lip glosses that i never use..prob should get rid of some..'my wallet
loose pennies! haha
I am new to blogging! Followed u..please follow back if u can and check my blog out..Not much on it but open 2 any suggestions/feedback