Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spin Your Way Into Those Skinny Jeans

Just like all of you, I have my own weaknesses when it comes to food. I am definitely a carb queen who desires salty and sweet munchies all the time.

So to combat these cravings, I now exercise and eat healthy(er) on a regular basis, drinking TONS of water. It is time to get my body in gear and achieve my personal weight loss goal. And with the right motivation, I plan to make it a lifestyle change, dropping ALL of my bad habits. I will be 29 years old this month, and my body most certainly doesn't feel the same as it did 10 years ago at 19 -- no way. I was more active back then; I walked miles on CSUF's campus, danced with my friends at late-night house parties, and worked at Nordstrom where I was constantly on my feet moving from department to department.

So how am I slowly but surely making headway, when I sit at the computer for more than 10 hours total every day during the week? Well, I spin two days a week (in addition to kickboxing two days a week)! Spinning is, for me, a meditational form of cardio. You use different levels of resistance to spin your legs and use the strength of your body to stay energized to, typically, good music. This is my thinking time, as I look straight in the mirror at myself. Even as sweat drips down my face and arms and exhaustion settles in, I mentally speak to myself and breathe out the stress and pressure of my everyday life.

One of my goals in this whole process is to be able to wear certain fall and winter fashions that I adore. Sound trivial? I'm sure you all would agree with me: "No way, isn't it what this is all about?!" Most importantly, however, is to feel confident, healthy, and proud of myself.

Writing about this helps to keep me motivated because I know that many of you can relate to the struggle of finding time to exercise when your day is innundated with other responsibilities. But find time for yourself and focus on your body and health...the rest will somehow settle in its place.

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jennie said...

i am on the same journey. that is, trying to get healthier for myself (and my love of clothes ect). i am now 31. when i was younger, i was doing all i cld to gain weight and failing. well, now i am acing w/ flying colors and trying to stop this madness. good luck to u with ur goals. (ps i also can relate to the writers block, thank God for blogging in the meantime). xo jenna pearle

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Jenna! You too...I just got back from spinning actually. Funny timing that you should leave this comment. I had NO motivation to leave the house on a Saturday morning, but now I feel energized. I figure I will regret if I DON'T go, but never regret going!