Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Pink Blackberry...Now I am Sane!

I was the post-it girl. From the desk to my computer monitor, to the floor; I used to leave notes to myself regarding all of my projects, well, everywhere! For years, this drove me insane, because after awhile, my writing got sloppy and I couldn't read them. OR, I forgot which was which, and I was lost.

So, it was time that I FINALLY purchased a new phone. A phone that would allow me to track my tasks, receive e-mails, connect to my dictionary/thesauras app, and naturally, to Facebook. So this Blackberry Curve has saved my sanity. My friend Dan at work, said "You are finally living in 2007." OK, so I'm a little late with my upgrade. But better late than never, right? My old phone was Zack Morris-like and would shut off even when charged. That was another reason why it was time to treat myself to new technology.

This is my new favorite toy, my stylish companion (pink makes me happy), and my lifesavor. So when you fill out my contact form to reach me, you can now expect a response in a matter of minutes. Talk about good customer service.

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Unknown said...

I know!! I love my BB!! Congrats!