Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Next Purchase: A Belted Faux Fur Vest

When I see this adorable belted chenille vest from Forever 21 (for only $27.80), I think about my wardrobe and the dramatic turn it would take with this addition. Thank you Rachel Zoe for making the fur look so dang fabulous! You have inspired me to purchase my own snuggly third piece.

I have also noticed great styles at Target for an affordable price, which is a perfect place to purchase a trendy item. Invest wisely if you are a must-have-the-latest kind of gal -- my tip of the day.

Snuggly and I come!

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J said...

that looks like an amazing buy!! haha yes rachel zoe totally rocks the fur.

Hanis Tang said...

i like it!!

Kerianne said...

I love this vest! I think I will be making a trip to Forever 21 soon. Thanks!