Saturday, October 24, 2009

"I'm Just a Girl...What's My Destiny?"

I can't get "Just a Girl" by No Doubt out of my head, specifically the line that includes "What's My Destiny?"

Even as migraines develop, my anxiety increases, and my keyboards become ruined due to my klutzy spills of water, I am fulfilling my lifelong goals of being a writer, editor, and a figure in the fashion community.

Some of the highlights/accomplishments of my week (Friday --> Friday):

1) Brought on to a new celebrity website developed by the founder of E!, who yes, I have been directly communicating with (his assistant Drew is also extremely friendly). Articles coming soon with its launch.

2) Corresponded with the head of Alive Magazine, which is an entrepeneurial publication for women of color. I was offered a fashion editor position. Accepted!

3) Developed an ad for an intern and communicated with the career center at my alma mater, CSUF. (How did it get to the point that this eager journalism grad now needs a writer on HER team at Plastic Surgery Studios?)

4) Hit Sunset last Friday for the Li Cari show and the following Thursday, for the grand opening of "P" -- a quaint boutique that features chic, urban-ish attire.

5) Wrote a new "Talking Chic" column for Agenda Magazine: "My Winter Wardrobe."

6) Southern California Life: Prepared for my second appearance as a fashion consultant for this local television show (, in which I am taping tomorrow afternoon.

7) Carla Reiter: Created and sent interview questions to this innovative jewelry designer. This will be featured on

To my delight, opportunities are coming my way -- people are seeking ME out. It's a wonderful feeling, I must say, as I consider my destiny and who I am (and who I am becoming).

But nothing has been handed to me. You're reading the blog of a girl who took a bus her first two years to college, lived at home until she was 24, and eventually fulfilled two non-paying internships driving a car that broke down every week and had a cracked windshield (imagine how it felt to drive in the parking lot of Epic Records like that!).

My college years made me grow up and understand the importance and essential part of becoming successful: paying your dues. And I am still paying my due to this day: the key to networking and growing as an editorial and fashion professional.

I will keep you updated as to how these projects pan out, as I always do. This is my life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

* Fortunately, I found time to still have a heart to heart with my mom, have a sushi dinner with Steve, phone and text chats with my friends, and my me time in bubbly baths.


Amanda Allison said...

You're my role model.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

You're so sweet Amanda. You are mine too.

Ashley-Nicole said...

@Elana, Congratulations on all your success!!!! Its great to see people who are succeeding in a career doing something that they like.


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Ashley-Nicole. You rock ;-)