Friday, August 28, 2009

Who Influences Your Style of Dress?

"Who influences your style of dress? My style is influenced by such superstars as Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Nicole Richie, and Mary Kate Olsen. I love the combination of eclectic, bohemian, and chic. It is just who I am. However, do I typically invest in L.A.M.B. pieces or Dior? Nope. I am a gal who loves sales and adores 2-for-1 specials.

Fortunately, our day and age is all about affordable imitation. Instead of hitting Bloomingdale's for Seven jeans, these days I walk into Forever 21 and spend less than 15 bucks for a pair of low-waisted skinny jeans. My loose, summer bikini cover-ups aren't Juicy Couture; they are Target brands. While I choose to avoid paying $200 for jeans (especially if I can find these jeans on sale at Kohl's); I will fork over the same amount for a shopping spree. For $200, I can find two pairs of heels, some tanks, jeans, and possibly a new vest to wear over those tanks.

It is important to realize that..."

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