Sunday, April 12, 2009

The 'Virtually Invisible' Accessory to Always Have Handy

I haven't worn my True Religion jeans (pictured here) for awhile now. Not only does the light to medium wash emphasize my thighs, they are SO low. I used to really enjoy this combo of masculinity and femininity rolled into one until I lost some weight and they started to look sloppy. So, naturally, one's heart goes elsewhere; I began to fall in love with other lines that are more flattering to my lower half, much more affordable, and do not give me "plumber's crack" when sitting in my chair or sitting on a barstool.

Because I don't wear these True Religions for very reason, I decided to try the IsABelt out with these jeans. Check out my before and afters! What do you think? With this trusty little "virtually invisible belt," I may bust these jeans out more often. Very durable, yet very thin and delicate, be sure to watch the IsABelt YouTube video on how to adjust it and put it on correctly. The rubber-like material is nice and stretchy, but I can see someone getting frustrated and being too rough and yanking it to snap.

Tip on how and where to store it: Rolled up in its adorable mini box and stashed in your purse! Just remember which purse you left it in. (Yes, I'm talking to you handbag-aholics!)

If you notice in the afters, there is no bulkiness like typically from a regular belt, even with my fitting vest. Me likey.

Without the IsABelt:

WITH the IsABelt:

Excellent Price Point: $16.95 - $19.95, depending on sizing. (There is a "HisABelt" too!!)

More about this fashion must-have on Beauty Chat, coming up! I will be chattin' more about the media and celeb buzz on IsABelt.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Steve walking away from his Playstation to take pics of me!

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Unknown said...

Wow, it makes a huge difference. Thank you for sharing this tip!