Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ashley's Take on Teen Fashion Versatility

This, here, everyone is my 13 year-old niece, Ashley Gummerson. Off the bat, you can tell that her San Diego teen fashion sense rocks and she is up on the latest trends. After learning that my brother recently bought her a Betsey Johnson dress and that she is in love with Forever 21, well you have to agree: this is DEFINITELY my niece.

Our passion for fashion runs deep, so I excitedly asked her to come on board with me and be the voice of the teen market. And similar to my go-getter personality, "Ash" wastes no time jumping at the opportunity ("OMG Auntie Elana, I would love to!!!). The same day I asked her to become involved, she sent me these two pics of her styling abilities. Um, hello, right? Yes, she's 13 and you better watch out fashion world.

Featured is a yellow Forever 21 dress. See how she played with two different vibes, while utilizing accessories and different shoes to give each a unique personality? In pic #1, the leather bomber jacket toughtens up the dress with the tennies giving it a 1950s "Grease" feel, while the scarf and red flats give the dress a fun spring appeal. THAT is what versatility about.

So if you have any questions that you would like a teen fashionista to answer, please e-mail me at or DM me on Twitter, and I will make sure Ashley gets the question. All samples and press packages that you would like her to receive, feel free to pitch to me!

(Oh, and did I mention how big of a fan she is of the Jonas brothers?? But that's a whole other story...)

Photo Credit:
Courtesy of Ashley


Unknown said...

I think your niece Ashley is super cute! Very fashionable I must say, I love her style.

Anonymous said...

I know Ashley! Shes one of my bffs!!! She teaches me more about fashion all the time. So now I know more then I thought I ever would!!!