Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tyra Banks -- Your Favorite Fashionable Talk Show Host

You voted, and according to majority, Tyra Banks is the most fashionable talk show host! The runner-up was Chelsea Handler. Oprah, Ellen, and Bonnie Hunt trailed in the votes. Because the majority of you range between ages 18 - 35, I believe that age does play a role in how you view what is trendy and fashion fashionable, however. (My 60-year old mom adores Bonnie Hunt and loves how she casually wears hoodies on camera.)

So here are some fun pics featuring the winner, also "America's Next Top Model" queen creator and former Victoria's Secret model, from tidbits of her daytime talk show, "Tyra."

Which would YOU feel most comfortable wearing on camera?


Unknown said...

I enjoy Tyra...she seems pretty real & in touch considering the places she's been & the life she has lived.
I would agree with the fashion victory for the most part...sometimes she is a bit off but aren't we all!

The Muse said...

I can truthfully I'm out of the loop here..ah...I am fashion deprived!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Maybe that's a good thing when it comes to keeping track of talk show hosts. I watch too much TV! ;-)