Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chelsea Handler has a Handle on Her Style

She might be a bit risque...a bit gossipy...and a bit much for you to handle sometimes. But when it comes to her fashion sense as a television talk show host - I think she is right on the money. As a comedian, I think Chelsea Handler could go so many ways with her style for nighttime TV on E! Entertainment.

But she keeps it simple, classic, sexy, and professional. I love her guest panel of comedians and her one-on-ones with Reality TV celebs such as tattoo maven Kat Von D or Holly of "The Girls Next Door," and her pushy, genius interview skills.

Most of all though: I love her sassy style. Does anyone else tune into her show just to catch what she's wearing? (I used to do that with Jillian Barberie Reynolds in the morning on "Good Day LA." But I found listening to music at 6 a.m. more peaceful then her rants and raves....)

Chelsea is a comedian full of style -- love her!

Check out some of her clips on E! Online if you dare (I don't necessarily agree with the topics or opinions discussed. That's my disclaimer): All of the clips show her cute style...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Fashion Style she is supposed to represent? It's obvious that someone else dresses her and that atrocious black dress she was wearing the other night looked like a freaking reject from the 80's.

However, if you think Jillian Barberie Reynolds is a fashion icon then I am a total loss for words. (gah!)

I think I wil stick with REAL fashion icons but nice try, I guess for the trailer park crowd.

Beth Anderson said...

Absolutely! I love her style and her wit.

Anonymous said...

OK, so "Anonymous," I LOVE when people disagree about fashion. It's so stimulating!

I never dared use the word "icon" when it comes to Jillian Barberie or Chelsea Handler. Feel free to re-read my post. My opinion is this, for a female talk show host who has big-time competition, I think she looks great. Period. Does Jillian Barberie know a little something about fashion? Of course! But the way she chooses to wear her outfits aren't always savvy enough for the morning audience. And also like you said, there is a stylist behind each of those what? Then maybe instead of attacking them, a little research on who their stylist is would be a fabulous move.

Thank you for reading my blog post, and being so opinionated. I'm doing something right!

Unknown said...

Unleash the diva claws! LOVE IT!

Chelsea's sense of humor cracks me up though.

Beth Anderson said...

You've been tagged. Read my blog today for details.

Anonymous said...

I love love love her style...Chelsea's that is. So, who is her stylist? I have been trying to find out. I have even emailed "ask Chelsea". Some of the cute items she wears are easily rich & skinny jeans. I really want a breakdown of what she wears every can I find this out, do you know? Thanks! Really enjoy your site too!!