Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun Rainboots - With or Without the Rain!

The overcast of Spring AND the recession can definitely make a fashionista feel weighed down. You desire the hottest trends but can't live without your $4-a-day coffee fund. You hope to find everything on sale but don't want cheap quality. The weather is a bit chilly for open-toed pumps but you need some colorful footwear.

Yay for! An independent label of printed rainboots with online distribution in the United State, the UK, Singapore, and Hongkong, Plueys is inspired by the world around us. Audrey of excitedly contacted me after finding me through Independent Fashion Bloggers. I am so glad she told me about this fabulous line, as I know that these boots would make interesting staples in any shopaholic's closet.

Their philosophy: "We believe that having a bit of color in one's wardrobe can brighten up any gloomy day! Fun rainboots can inspire and evoke some cheer to the rainy streetscape!"

The price range of Pluey's rainboots for women are $60, and for the kiddies, the cost is $30. Not too shabby, as long as you make good use out of them and don't let your Plueys collect dust in your closet!

I typically enjoy solid-color, boots -- black, ruby red, camel tones; however, I have always been known for trying out new styles. What do I have to lose? What do YOU have to lose, really? At some point, no matter where you live, you are gonna have to slush around somewhere in the mud or slippery road. These shoes may just bring out the young girl in you, making you EXCITED to jump around and get wet.

But should you wish to make use of these rainboots when the heat hits, here are a few ways to sport Plueys rainboots (in addition to the girls' styles above):

- Denim shorts and a tank! Throw a lightweight scarf around your neck for a warm-and-chilly combo.

- A simple vintage, A-line skirt or dress to mix eras every so delicately.

- Short leggings and tall socks for a funky appeal.

Happy Shopping! Check out "Where to Wear?" on for more inspirations. If you need my assistance with styling, please contact me at to set up a consultation. I am based in Upland, California -- just an hour east of LA.

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Unknown said...

Elana, would you be suprised, I have these boots, almost bought the Burberry half boot too, then I thought my $10 boots worked just as good as a $200 pair of boots, bought other fun stuff instead.

Luxe Tips said...

I love love love these rain boots. I have to buy a pair! They are so unique and fashionable. They will go with anything. Thanks for the styling suggestions.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I am definitely gonna have to purchase a pair. Don't you both feel so girly and youthful? For every pair of stilletos and booties, I need to invest in some child-like, fun footwear!

SoHo Accessories said...

Here in the Northeast this June has just been a rain soaked month. Really need to get myself a pair.