Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hang Out With the 'Good Girl' in a New Fashion Forum!

I am the forum administator of Mavens of Fashion Magazine (formerly Closet Mouse)! So, I've started a bunch of topics that may arouse your inner style chatter, and would love to hang out with you there as well.

Here are some of the threads I developed:

Reminder: If you are a fashion writer/ blogger, stylist, personal shopper, boutique owner, buyer, sample maker, sales rep, image consultant, model, photographer, wholesaler, manufacturer, concierge, or thrive in makeup and hair: MOF Magazine is a great place to promote your business for...FREE!

Contact me at: if you have questions!


raquel roysdon said...

Thank you and I will check it out.

Amanda Allison said...

I heart MOF!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Me too girl! Amazing. I think Michael has a great vision. I love that we are both part of such a fabulous site.