Sunday, August 24, 2008

'Gold Saturn' Tees to Complete Your Creative Style

I dare you to look away from this model wearing a Gold Saturn "Prescription for Peace" T-shirt ($38). I can't!

Cute, red boy undies? Check. Insane, flashy round glasses? Check. A bright pink lip? Check. A conversation-starter tee? Triple check. David Jon Acosta just launched his ready-to-wear, collection of comfortable and fashionable tees, tanks, and tunics for both women and men; now available online. And according to this Miami native, the message behind his "Prescription for Peace" shirt is this:

"It's an obvious oxymoron. I wasn't actually thinking about the message when creating the tee. I just wanted to create a trippy badass shirt that you would want to wear everyday."

Now, I know that some of you will immediately head to to snag your own stylish tees, while others of you are in awe of the creativity behind this line but have no clue of how to work it into you wardrobe. Well, whether you are classic and simple or edgy and glam, this line should make you excited for the weekend, because you can wear it from morning to night. Think jeans and flip-flops and then with shorts and heels. A graphic-design tee is also a fabulous piece to wear under a jacket or vest. (Casual Fridays at work?)

Anyhoo...Gold Saturn. Remember the name. And guess what guys? This very same "Prescription for Peace" tee is for you too! See what I mean.


Carrie said...

I am so on this shirt! I love it. It's gonna dit in perfect with my wardrobe. Thanks Elana

Anonymous said...

Cute shirts!!! I'll have to get one.

Unknown said...

love it!

Unknown said...

Love it!