Saturday, August 16, 2008

Estelle -- A West London Girl With a Fabulous Hit and Fabulous Shoes

I'm lovin' me some Estelle -- the West London-born singer who is fashionably clad and my new favorite style maven. She's that brilliant voice in "American Boy," from her Shine soundtrack (which Steve says he will get me cause I talk about her all the time...). I'm obsessed with that tune, with her, and of course, with Kanye. Plus, her style is so amazing that she makes me want to go buy some new shoes, as well as go old-school and pick up her older albums.

Watch - and DANCE - to "American Boy" on YouTube!



i love that song! & her trenchcoat & dress & shoes are soooo fab!

please check out my blog, =)

JeanCillian said...

Estelle is a brilliant singer but her eyes can be overdone at times. On another note she says that Amy Winehouse and other white soul singers were not authentic simply because they were caucasian.

love the blog by the way!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Estelle. Posted about her on my blog awhile back too! Thanks for sharing.


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I will check it out Myisha, thanks!

Ash Magazine said...

I like Estelle's single "American Boy", it almost has some American Pride to it, maybe it should be the new anthem to July 4th LOL.