Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Exclusive Interview with Jill Sherman from 'Trend de La Creme'

Ever since I landed on the formely-known-as "Trendinista," I knew that the author was completely rooted in proving how fashion = art. And since transitioning into Trend de la Creme -- a redesigned blog that has the combination of haute couture and avante garde written all over it, I know that Jill Sherman is still a leading and inflential fashion blogger. Ahead of her time, she is.

So check out my exclusive interview with the head of Trend de le Creme. Maybe she answered some of the questions you've been also dying to ask!

I see that you love Paper and Nylon magazines, two of my ultimate faves as well. What about fashion drives you?

This will probably sound crazy, but I love how fashion is connected to the world around us. When a designer draws inspiration from nature, architecture, the cosmos—anything for that matter—I am reminded of it each time I see the piece on the catwalk, in a magazine, or on a person walking by me on the street. (Whoever said the devil is in the details was right in a way. I can get a little obsessed with trying to figure out what inspired a particular collection, a piece of jewelry, a new bag design, etc. It would be nice to just sit back and appreciate it in its entirety for once.)

So tell me about the name change! I still love "Trendinista" I gotta say. But "Trend de le Creme" sounds scrumptious too...

I still love the name Trendinista, but the person who owns wasn’t willing to sell it. I finally got tired of people saying, “I went to and there was this crab walking back and forth. What’s up with that?” Thus, the name Trend de la Crème was born. (It’s a play on “crème de la crème” which means “best of the best” in French. Although, it’s not a perfect fit considering my habit of featuring fashion bombs from time to time. But I think my readers look forward to my funny finds, so I’m sticking with it.)

One of my favorite sections on your site is the terminology - "Site Directory/ Shortcuts." Are there certain phrases in the fashion and beauty blogging world that you currently can't stand?

Nothing specific to fashion and beauty blogging at the moment, but I hate the word “blogorrhea.” which, of course, a lot of people love. (You know, when a blogger just goes on and on about nothing in particular.) I’m hoping somebody comes up with a better word like “blah-blah-ging.” (Isn’t it interesting how everything always comes back to poop? *sigh* Bodily functions are funny that way.)

A little background about yourself please?

For the past 10 years, I’ve worked in different capacities at beauty companies – marketing, product development, advertising, public relations, etc. I am currently heading up marketing efforts for a new Internet venture that launches in November. Nothing related to fashion, unfortunately. (I guess I’ll just have to continue using my blog as a creative outlet!)

How would you define your own fashion sense?

Slightly ahead of trends with a little bit of an artsy edge. Nothing too spectacular. I do, however, have a penchant for pricy handbags (but only if they’re really to die for.)

Do you think blogging will ever go out of style?

Never! The Internet has forever changed the way people receive and share information. The popularity of blogging may have its ups and downs, but the culture of getting information from a myriad of niche sources is here to stay.

* Be sure to check out my guest post on Trend de la Creme, "Sales, Deals, and When to Walk Away."

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yummy411 said...

fabulous interview!!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Hey Yummy 411! I totally agree. Pretty proud of this one myself, I must admit. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great interview!

raquel roysdon said...

Trend de la Creme, sounds like a delicious dessert with 5000 calories, that every girl wants to taste!!! I love the name. Great interview Ms. Elana!

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen said...

I LOVED the interview. I especially enjoy reading what inspires people artistically to do what they do. I seems that a lot of fashion is generated organically.

Aloha from a fellow Divapreneur.


Starlet aka Minutestar said...

love the interview. i'm a fan of trend de la creme.

also loving your blog!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks! As you can tell, I'm quite a fan of Jill's site too.

BroderWriter said...

Wonderful interview--ate up every word. I'm personally crazy about Trend de la Creme, too--it's a visual blast that satisfies on every level. Thanks to both you and Jill Sherman for the crazy-cool you bring to the fashion blogging world--and for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

she said "poop". oh, jillyhosaphat, 4 of 4. fashion and poop. only you.