Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Does Someone Your Know Need a "Class" Makeover?

I don't know about you, but a day has yet to come that I can arrive at work with up-to-there shorts like Mariah. True, I am confined to a computer screen while she is confined to embracing her sexuality on stage...but it makes me think about the number of women I see at Starbucks in the morning heading to work with shirts too low that promotes the idea that a little cleavage or lots of shoulder is just part of the uniform. (But do they know if their bosses or fellow employees take them seriously?)

From my own trial and errors, and seeing many other people's faux paus, I am proud to be of service. If you or someone you know would like to hold a group seminar, be it at work or at a boutique -- you know who to call for personal shopping and wardrobe consulting. During the brief seminar I held at my Good Girl Gone Shopping launch party, the questions that came from this guest or that guest, was great for the others to hear and learn from. It's all about sharing ideas, right?

Remember summer's here, and the time is right...for just one woman to walk into your work dressed inappropriately skimpy. Do YOU want to be a 'Good Girl' too and invite her to a shopping seminar?

Contact me and we'll chat!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Great point-many ladies don't dress appropriately for work. I say if you feel that too much is showing, it probably is! A lil cold? But on a sweater. You should be respected for the work that you do, not the body that you flaunt! Right, boss? ;)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Right Ms. Managing Editor! ;)

Unknown said...

Mariah seems to forget how old she is, she is trying to dress like a 17 year old and it just doesn't look right. She has a fairly good figure, but it would look nicer if I couldn't see every bit of it all of the time.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Um yeah, I agree...and I wonder if it's only gonna continue since she is practically married to a 17-year old!? ;)