Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Got an Itch for a New Clutch? AccessoryBug.com is Where it's At.

(Bags from AccessoryBug.com, ranging from $37.99 - $44.99)

I love metallic clutches. To me, a gold, bronze, or silver mini-handbag is the quintessential of glamour and rock n' roll all mixed into one.

But you know what also has that taste of classic luxury -- black clutches. And boy oh boy, does Accessory Bug offer women a plethora of styles. As a personal shopper, I have an appointment coming up with a cosmetic company owner who is looking forward to revamp her wardrobe with chic, flattering professional pieces (think "Andy," Anne Hathaway's character in "The Devil Wears Prada"). And I believe a black clutch could be a great transitional accessory for her - from her day job to an evening out.

A special offer from the Accessory Bug for Good Girl Gone Shopping readers: 10% off regular priced items. Just enter "stim08" at checkout. It's their "style stimulus plan" -- cute, huh?


On a different note, my recent Saturday was a blast as I spent the day in the field (in shops) with a male client who needed my last-minute trip the day before he left for a business trip. In 2 hours, he scored a black textured suit, a chocolate curdoroy blazer, and a pewter-colored zip casual jacket. The total cost: $150. He was so excited that he wanted to keep adding more pieces, but I had to stop him! I told that my job as his personal shopper is to help him save money in the process, in addition to helping him score hot items. While a black clutch is obviously not part of his credo, you should see the way he rocks his "man bag," which was one of his favorite purchases from Target.

(JCPenney jacket similar to one of my client's awesome, new pieces!)

Do you know what you're gonna wear this summer? Contact me to set up an appointment!


The App Goddess said...

Clutches drive me insane! I need my hands free, free to mess with stuff:)

I'll be on the lookout for your "Great bags for people who always need a large notebook, Palm and makeup bag with them!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Great idea Home Spa Goddess! I think I'm both. During the day I'm all about keeping my hands free with big 'ol H&M bag. But even with a clutch, you can tuck it under your arm when you're out. Cocktail in the other -- and it's all good. ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love clutches, and all of the ones pictured are so cute!

And, great job on the male shopper. Sounds like he scored big time!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

He did! And I can't wait until he needs help again. I loved it when sales people asked if he needed help (while ignoring me of course, as if I were a pesky girlfriend or someone) and he said "No, she is already helping me." He may have forgotten that I, in fact, do need to work with them in case I need merch from the back or have to ask him or her to call a store...but for the most part, I will actually be honest and suggest that he save his money if something is not worth it. I love that I can provide that and make a shopper's trip less stressful and pressured.

Anonymous said...

i lovee clutches! they are so chic- you just have to be mindful of where it is at all time but thats okay- ifyou are looking for more clutches check out shopgoldyn.com- they have a really cute patent leather one!