Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Must-See '95 So-Called Horror Film: Dolores Claiborne

I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, weak muscles, and achy head...so the energy to actually get ready for work was a no-go. As one of those over-achiever, workaholic types, I rarely stay home during the week.

But I truly don't want to get worse -- there are a lot of projects to focus on this week. So, I am laying on the couch with my laptop on my well, lap, and multi-tasking even while sick. I am also watching the 1995 flick "Dolores Claiborne" with Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Secrets, domestic abuse, sex, family, and a drunken husband/ father. If you have an afternoon to spare and wanna get inside a different world, well Bates is one extraordinary actress. She's one righteous ass-kicker housemaid.

Ever seen it?

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Unknown said...

Haven't seen this flick, but heard great thing about it. Now -- I HAVE to check it out!

I hope you feel better! :)

Fashion Addict said...

thanks for adding me!!!

raquel roysdon said...

What is a man bag?

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You spent you sick day watching a movie in which a crazy lady bust a man's legs with a sledgehammer? That couldn't have helped you feel better ;)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

OK so Raquel, did you ever see the "Friends" episode where Joey got a messenger-style bag, to wear across his shoulders. I don't remember if Rachel helped him or not with that (remember she liked worked for Calvin Klein at one point?)...but that term took off for awhile after that. Not sure if many still use -- I just think it's funny. But my client uses it like a woman uses her purse -- he keeps his glasses, money, phone, all in there. It's a bit Euro, eh? My boyfriend has one that he rarely uses. Instead, he'll wear his camo-printed backpack out like a rebellious 15-year old making a statement in high school (and I sooo gotta love him for that. I've been there.)

Oh and Ms. "Join the Gossip," it actually did make me feel better! ;) I thought how good I had it -- a sore throat and headache vs. a molesting, drunken husband who is driving me crazy. Literally, I felt for Dolores. It was very intruiging. But a sledgehammer? Are we talking about the same movie? I only recall the whole he fell in at the end as she was running for her life through the fields..

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this one yet but Leeann is talking about another one of her movies.