Monday, January 7, 2008

Cute Shoes Make the World Go 'Round

Thanks to those who took my poll on what they consider affordable for shoes!

Turns out the majority of people who voted consider anywhere between $15 and $60 affordable for shoes. I have to say that I am in aggreeance (is that a word?) with you. For me, buying a hot pair of heels or boots for $100 + means that I'm splurging. And once in awhile, I LOVE splurging even though it can be extremely dangerous. So, for me, when I can score something great for my feet within my budget, I just want to run down the shoe aisle...jump up and click my heels twice. (Not only could I not even do that if I tried, but I would knock over the lady next to me who has too many shoes in her hand to try on and didn't see a big mama coming her way. WOW -- my imagination really took a hold of me for a minute....)

So, ANYWAY, now that I kinda have an idea about my readers' idea of affordability, I'm curious about something else: where do you typically wind up purchasing your shoes?

From the ooh-la-la to -- my buy-back vintage favorite -- Wasteland on Melrose, the options these days are so vast. So tell me, I'm dying to know!

...and tell me that is not the most AWESOME picture of shoes. I found it on a past section of It's like a mirror of my brain.


KDC Events said...

Thanks to Elana, her savvy shopping and fabulous advice, I have come to love and embrace the peep toe heel. Being 5'9", I stayed away from the cute fashion trnds in shoes, but Elana helped me to see I could pull it off!

Thanks Elana!

EvaAmarri said...

Hey I recently stumbled upon ur blog and I think it's great. Would u like to link?

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks ya!

...Thanks Bianca -- your blog is fascinating! For not being very "fashion-conscious," you sure know your stuff. It's very glossy! So you got it girl, I'm adding you to my blog for sure ;)