Sunday, December 23, 2007

My "Happy Holidays" Outfit for 50 Bucks!

I'm a Bebe lover, but a Forever 21 fanatic. This is because I don't like to fork over the majority of my income to pieces that I may want to donate or sell in a few years. My holiday outfit posted here, minus my heels, were an exclusive Forever 21 pick of mine. Round about cost: $50. Should I have purchased my outfit from Bebe, I would have been lucky to have scored a beautiful blouse and maybe a pair of earrings for that price.

So as the holiday season remains a playing ground for sales galore, remember to pick up a few classic pieces for yourself. You know, the stuff that you may even be able to pass down to your kids. That said, check out my thoughts on buying for yourself while buying for others, as featured in Agenda Magazine. (I don't think that there is anything wrong with treating yourself to a gift while shopping for your friends and family.)

But if you beg to stick to strictly the "trendy" look, like I did here, all I can say is: Be smart!

FYI: My boyfriend is a jokester....and could the stains on my carpet be any more grotesque!? Yikes!


Anonymous said...

I thought your outfit looked like a million bucks!!! You are fabulous! best of luck with te biz!!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Denice! And thanks for being one of my fave (and 1st) client, my friend. ;

Beth Anderson said...

You look terrific. What a cute couple!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Beth! It's funny, when he messes around and makes his "hardcore" poses, I go a little crazy. There is something about the Good Girl Gone Shopping in love with a bad boy! ;)

Melissa said...

You look great Elana. Love the outfit. You and your boyfriend make a cute couple.

xoxkissablexox said...

I love the outfit..very cute and it looks like u spent over 100$
you got good taste