Monday, December 24, 2007

I'll Clean Yours If You Help Me Clean Mine...

I did not create this Web site to show off my speedy shopping skills (even though I'll talk about it), speak from a pedestal, or provide know-it-all tips. Definitely not. Right away, I knew that the title of my new blog should be "Diary of a Personal Shopper," because I want it to simply be a reflection of who I am. This includes the philosophies, habits, and success stories I would like to share since pursuing my passion as a personal shopper and wardrobe consultant.

Now, on to my faults. Those who know me know that I have about a million thoughts and ideas racing through my head every minute. These people -- my friends, family and coworkers -- understand that my schedule rarely fits in time to clean my desk, shred old files and articles (I even have the hard copy of my articles when I was a reporter for the Daily Titan), and just get organized.

If someone were to say to me, "Elana, I need help with cleaning out my closet because I have no time to do so, and no idea how to start." Of course I would respond with glee and assistance; however, I would also point out that if he or she put aside an extra 10 minutes each day to hang up a few pieces and pair up a few shoes, then it would save time and money. Not to mention that it would preserve his or her sanity.

Why can't I take my own advice? Allowing files to pile up before making an attack is pretty much my style. I highly discourage others from this bad habit, but for some reason, I make the exception for myself.

It must be pretty bad if my friend Stephanie said to me 3 days ago: "Elana, it's so funny. When it comes to fashion, you can put anything together fast and know exactly what works. But when it comes to cleaning up your stuff, you need help." Get this: she was calling me from the phone at my old desk at work while getting rid of my old stuff from the drawers...What a friend, eh?

So with my embarrassing confession in mind (which in no way affects my behavior as a responsible professionall), my New Year's resolution for 2008 is: Create an organized and functional working space, similar to that of my closet...Any suggestions for me?


Beth Anderson said...

Oh my gosh! We are soul sisters! I am the exact same way. I have piles of stuff all over my desk and things get lost so easily. What is my problem? ADHD maybe?

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Oh yay - I am not the only person who is this way. I think there are just so many thoughts roaming around in our creative minds, Beth, that everything overlaps and is depicted to the world through the appearance of our desks. Hmmm....this might also be the reason why I tend to mesh so many colors and trends together...interesting.

Maybe together, we can come up with a solution..?

Anonymous said...

Well first you need to remember if you have not touched it in a year then its time to go, if you really can't part with the item file it away in a box!!!! Remember I will be at the office all week if you need help!!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Why thanks Steph...I'm sure I will be requesting your assistance, or accepting it if you offer!!! ;) The same rule you mentioned definitely applies, I believe, to a woman's closet. That said, just give me the time and day and we'll get going with yours!! I am excited.

Unknown said...

Great blog, Elana! I'm diggin' it. Another blog added to my daily reading list.