Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Anna Wintour Always En "Vogue"

Popularly regarded as the inspiration behind Meryl Streep's character -- "Amanda Priestley" -- in "The Devil Wears Prada," Anna Wintour (the editor-in-chief of Vogue who has maintained the same bob hairstyle since the age of 15), speaks with Barbara Walters about what "makes fashion entertaining" in a 2006 interview. So according to her, the state of the country can be determined by flipping through the pages of Vogue. Check out this 4 minute interview, and let me know if you think that is just plain ridiculous:

(FYI: I received her unauthorized biography, "Front Row," a few Chanukah's ago from my brother. But because it's so juicy and fabulous, I have yet to finish it on purpose. I want to savor the taste of the book that profiles the most loved-and-hated fashion editor in the world.)
Photo Credit: http://www.style.com/


Unknown said...

I love the fact she has kept the same hairstyle since she was 15. A classic never dies!!

Melissa said...

Hey Elana, your blog is looking great! I agree with Elaine, a classic hairstyle never dies.

Anonymous said...

Did you get to watch the video? She said that she tried other styles, but they didn't work out. It's nice to know that she did experiment (which I have never seen before -- maybe her hair was just longer or something...), but her instincts or hairstylist told her to stay true to what she likes. If it's not your instincts, then for sure trust the hairstylist! That's my motto ;)

Anonymous said...

i think you'd have to be a robot to manage living the way she does. heard she wakes up at 5:45 am everyday and her regimen is so final and strict. but that's what it takes to become the boss anyway.