Monday, December 31, 2007

New Health and Fashion-Related Goals for 2008!

Besides my usual lose-and-maintain weight loss goals each year; I have 5 new health and fashion-related goals for 2008 that I would like to share:

(1) Building my clientele of women seeking fashion on a budget

(2) Building my networks of bloggers, writers, editors, style mavens, and business owners

(3) Make it to at least 1 runway show during LA Fashion Week for both the Spring and Winter season

(4) Learn how to devote equal amounts of time to important areas of my life ( such as creating a beautiful front yard and an organized, chic work space)

(5) Adopt more rejuvenation and relaxation techniques when the computer turns off


Be safe, enjoy your toast, and wear cute and comfy shoes!


Melissa said...

Happy New Year Elana. All the best to you in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mel! You're so sweet. Same to you!!!

Beth Anderson said...

Happy New Year Elana. I need these same goals for 2008. Austin will be going off to college this year! Can I go with you to LA Fashion Week?

Anonymous said...

Going off to college? Congratulations to you and your family!!!

I never "went off" to college. I decided to stay fairly local so I can still live at home with parents. A baby, huh? So I took the bus my first two years of school cause I couldn't afford a car. So you can imagine all of the writing, reading, and making notes of the "interesting" people that I regularly sat with.

K, I'm getting off track. I can definitely let you know about Fashion Week. I used to be able to go to work, leave early, head to LA (an hour away), go to shows, and do the same thing every day for a week. But being that I HATE LA traffic, I just won't deal with that drive every day...The first day is always on a Sunday. If my editor gets me on the list for a few shows then, that's usually when I go. Sometimes it's last minute...and sometimes there's only 1 seat ticket. The standing only's suck because those are the last people chosent to walk in. They rarely make it. Last time, I took a girlfriend with me for the Bebe show (Carmen Electra was supposed to be there, who she loves), and they wouldn't give me two seat tickets, so I gave it away and decided to take a standing with her. I knew I wouldn't get in (my seat ticket was in FRONT...I wanted to cry!), but I couldn't let a friend get stuck outside. SO...we people watched, sat outside with the models pretending we were one of them! Seeing Tara Reid being a wreck and singer Mya taking pictures...wasn't a bad night though.

Yes, I know Beth, you totally didn't expect all this. I just wanna say that I could definitely bring you to shows if I'm able to go, but there's never a true guarantee that we both would get seats....I used to have the press credentials, but because I sort of backed off a bit -- the editor isn't going to waste money on one if I can't be there every day. So, it definitely makes things a little harder...

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So, if you need a partner for those LA fashion shows... ;) Let's just say the W Hotel was fabulous hint hint! haha!

Congrats on 2007 and I wish you all the best for definately deserve it!

Ps... I'm pushing your services on my blog as well!

Anonymous said...

I know, the event at the W was a lot of fun! I don't know if my favorite thing was the cocktail or the fancy bathroom...who'da thought that would be a toss up? By the way, Kara Saun's rep who was there is my friend on Facebook. You should add her as a friend, and remind her who you are.

...and thanks for promoting my services... You're awesome!