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5 Lessons to Take From the Giuliana Rancic-Zendaya Fiasco!

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There was a time when I couldn't stand "Fashion Police" on E!. The performance of industry folks sitting around to basically judge a celebrity's style -- following an award show or while dissecting Hollywood trends in segments like "Bitch Stole My Look" -- turned me off for a bit. Because my passion for fashion roots in creativity and in the beauty of diversity, I didn't always feel comfortable laughing at what comedian Joan Rivers said (even if it was hilarious!). It was so very "Mean Girls" to me.

But then I hopped back on the E! train a couple of years ago or so, becoming a regular viewer of the show. I decided to really listen and learn from the intellectual perspectives of the stylists, including topics surrounding the distinct signature styles of designers, why particular cuts don't work well with certain body shapes and sizes, and how this color combo or that type of print can make or break an outfit. From George Kotsiopoulos bringing me to a new level of understanding to the cleverly coined phrases and excitement of the fabulous Brad Goreski (who now sits in Kotsiopoulos' seat), their presence on the show helped to balance out the rest of the nonsense.

E!'s popular correspondent Giuliana Rancic usually added tasteful support (or tasteful opposition) to what some of the other hosts would say. And with her chic flavor and friendly personality, I maintained a certain level of respect for Rancic. I also gained a respect for Kelly Osbourne over the years, as she has proven to the world that she is her own person with her own opinion. The bubbly Brit (and daughter of the "Prince of Darkness") brought an edgy look, as well as a knowledgeable and unbiased commentary about a star's look (whether she was friends with him/her or not!).

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But now, due to poor judgment and for the sake of "comedy," everything has changed.

Here's what happened: Actress/singer/dancer Zendaya flaunted gorgeous faux dreadlocks at The Oscars. In analyzing her look on "Fashion Police," Rancic said: "I feel like she smells like pachouli oil" while another unidentified voice chimed in with "Or weed!" Zendaya then tweeted about being insulted in regards to the comment, prompting an uproar from the social media world, which included accusations that Rancic's comment was "racist." Rancic made a public apology to Zendaya on E!, and Zendaya acknowledged the apology. Then Osbourne quits the show, after making it clear that she is friends with the star and that she was not happy with how any of it went down. According to US Weekly, Osbourne was against the Zendaya comments during filming and didn't want to go along with it.

My big questions: Why was Rancic the designated host to make the comment? Because she's not a comedian, wouldn't it make more sense if Kathy Griffin (who took Rivers' position) to say that? Did Rancic try to object or was it her idea? 

While a new season of "Fashion Police" is set to begin in a few weeks, I have decided to stop taking part in it. Simply being a viewer, in my mind, is saying being a Mean Girl is acceptable...and it's not. It has not been said yet who will take over Osbourne's position and whether or not Rancic even continues with the show (be it her choice or E!'s). Until then, I'd like to shower this story with some positivity. There are many lessons that we can take from this ordeal. Here are my top 5:

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1) Words DO hurt. Celebrities are people too, and yes critics can take things too far even if they didn't have an evil intention.

2) Know your lane. Rancic is not a professional comedian. Period. Stick to interviews, girl! That's what you're great at.

3) Public personalities must be aware that they make a difference (good or bad). Social media may not always feel like your friend when something goes wrong. Just means you need to remember that there is power in the people, as well as power in the tool that allows us to voice our opinions.

4) Glamour is not a cookie-cutter image. Who says that a couture gown cannot be accompanied with natural hair or a statement-making hairstyle? Coming from someone who loves her locs and loves her Bond No. 9 perfume (I hate pachouli oil!), I say eff yes - you can create your own version of glam.

5) Have boundaries. It's been reported that Osbourne has been unhappy on the show since Rivers passed. But whether that is true or not, the time obviously came when Osbourne had to make a decision that was best for her. She knew her boundaries.

Where do you stand now with "Fashion Police"...? Will you continue to watch the show?


Unknown said... i too am over this show. I really did like that they brought Kathy Griffin in and she was really funny without being as mean as Joan was. Brad is just lovely and he really supports individual style which is a pov that the show needs.
I just dont get this whole situation. As i was watching the show i agreed that i didn't love her look but mainly the dress, i think her hair is cool but think it would've looked better in a pony-i love a pony!!!! The comment about her smelling like anything is way too much. The fact that it was a written joke is so awful my stubborn @$$ wouldn't accept an apology from anyone at E.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks for reading Jess! Yup - I agree. Zendaya's hair back would have looked waaaay chic and would bring out her features more. I just mainly don't like how Giuliana tried to take on Joan's humor the minute the new season started. Was just too much. As for Kelly's replacement, I heard that Khloe or NeNe may be in the works. Hmmm...