Monday, February 23, 2015

Top 3 Movies That 'The Oscars' Got Me Hyped to Watch!

(Actress Emma Stone going off on her Pops, played by Michael Keaton, in "Birdman.")

Yes, I love award season for the fashion. I mean, it's a time when Hollywood's gorgeous of the gorgeous is wearing the gorgeous-of-the-gorgeous gowns! But, of course, I look forward to amazing acceptance speeches and seeing snippets of talented actors and actresses doing their thing on the big screen.

And last night was no exception! The 87th Academy Awards featured some amazing films that have now made it to my "must watch" list. While I have become more of a "Let's stay in and rent a movie!" kind of chick, these dramas are made for the big screen for a reason. So I will say that, yes, I'm willing to overspend on tickets and snacks (and even allow my ears to suffer during the grossly loud previews in the theater!) in order to truly learn why these films have become such a talk of the town.

In no particular order, here are the flicks that I'm ready to check out (including Oscar moments that were enough to make me wanna watch all three): 

(1) Boyhood: Patricia Arquette's speech on women's equality after winning for 'Best Supporting Actress' got Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez on the edge of their seat with applause and cheers. I need to learn if that particular topic holds relevance to the actual film.

(2) Birdman (Winner of "Best Picture"): The brief scene that showed a heated Emma Stone going off on Michael Keaton (who plays her father) was way intense. Looking forward to the build-up and why she thinks "Birdman" became a loser.

(3) Selma: I can't stop thinking about the horrid-yet-kinda-cool brick red suit worn by British actor David Oyelowo (who plays Martin Luther King, Jr.). That, and sensing the emotions behind his eyes when he teared up during John Legend and Common's "Glory" performance (total moxie status!) told me that this dude ain't scared of showing his dramatic personality. Was obviously casted for a reason!

Which movie do you think I should see first? I'm all ears!!

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