Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No-Show Stylish Socks by Taft Clothing = Chic and Comfy!

There's nothing cute about sweaty feet (sans socks). Nor, is there anything cute about trying to attain the no-show sock look by pushing down long, bulky socks into your shoes. In both of these scenarios, Taft Clothing has your back.

With a collection for both men and women, this Utah-based clothing company (formerly known as "Wimbley's"), developed a style that is durable and lasts after several uses. According to Taft, they tested their socks "at the gym, on the field, on our shoes, and on the ground." 

The story behind Taft Clothing: In March of this year, they launched a Kickstarter project under the name "Wimbley's" to help bring their product to those who simply love shoes. In April, they ended up raising $45,000 (!!!), succeeding their goal of $29,000. According to the cool peeps at Taft, "Our no-show socks for men and women work because they hug your heal, ensuring your socks will never fall off! On top of all that, we designed our sock to look fun when you want to kick of your shoes...Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they have to be boring!"

Having received a cute pair of my own from Taft (the adorable polka dot, peach and navy pair you see above), I attest to the comfort and durability. I'm one of those fashionistas who pretends a mishap was on purpose, such as wearing mismatched socks 'cause I sloppily store them in my drawers. Now, just as I'm conscious with where I store my new Chuck's from Brize Collection, I am totally aware as to where I place my cute 'lil Taft socks. 

If you didn't get involved with the company's Kickstarter campaign, you can still pre-order your own pair(s) off their website: (A pack of 4 pairs for 40 bucks!) To connect with them directly, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Taft Clothing

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