Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scion, Project Ethos Continues To Spotlight New Talent at LA Fashion Week, Uniting a Diverse Crowd of Guests!

(Mark your calendars!)

More than 2,000 attendees expected at the growing fashion, music and art showcase event of the season, put on by Scion and Project Ethos! Taking place at its usual hotspot, Avalon Hollywood, this event always maintains its ability provide creative stimulation all around. I've attended several shows over the last few years, and each one is quite unique. Fashion show details:

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Another reason to mark March 18th on your calendar, Scion and Project Ethos effectively reel in tons of industry folk as well as fashion, art, and music lovers together. Thanks to this LA Fashion Week presentation, I was able to cross paths with the beautiful and talented owner/creator of Trending LA -- Joy Rich Bullard -- for the first time (and we wound up sitting next to each other!). A few seasons before that, I watched the awesome model and pop-punk star Eryn Woods walk in the Tumbler and Tipsy show...And I just recently interviewed this doll for Agenda! So, please say hello if you see me -- I'll be covering the evening's affair for Agenda Magazine.  It's all about connections y'all, and I'm happy to attest that the Scion and Project Ethos event is great in attracting a diverse, yet like-minded, crowd of folks. To attend this LA Fashion Week event, check out the ticket info!

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