Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Run-In With Pop-Punk Princess Eryn Woods During New York Fashion Week!

(Me and Pop-Punk Princess Eryn Woods!)

It was ultra freezing during (my first trip to) New York. I mean, ridiculous chilly. Like 22 degrees and below. (I actually left before it got unbearable, I've heard.) But that didn't stop the fiery explosion of this week-long east coast event! One of my memorable moments was in the lobby of Studio 450 on West 31st Street. As a bunch of us guests for the Darkoh show piled into the lobby of Studio 450, shivering and happy to get inside somewhere warm, I had the pleasure of watching pop-punk princess Eryn Woods come in from the cold looking ultra-fab. I originally saw this style queen walk the runway for Tumbler & Tipsy during one of last year's Project Ethos events, and wow...I was blown away by her confidence, charisma, and insane sense of unique style! Totally ironic that I ran into her in New York, because I've always meant to contact her and request an interview in LA. So perfect timing for me to introduce myself, request that interview, and score this awesome photo. For some exciting fashion and music inspiration, check out her website, follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and stay tuned for my interview on Agenda Magazine!

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