Monday, September 13, 2010

Before You Adopt a New Fashion Trend...

Fall will be here before we know it. This means new fall fashion! But how do you determine which trend(s) will best fit your personality, lifestyle, size, and shape? My biggest tip to you, before you go shopaholic crazy (besides staying on a buget), is this: Think comfort! 

Whether you are ready for tall, camel-colored knee-high boots or want to finally try out a pant jumper, be real with yourself. After you consider all of the aforementioned factors, such as your size, shape, and lifestyle, think about how you move when wearing an item of clothing. It's a problem, folks, if when you bend over you have to hold the back of your pants up, squat and rip your jeans, walk in heeled shoes and want to cry 'cause of pinched toes, and/or wear a blouse and the front buttons fly off.

Speaking from experience, when you think comfort, everything else will fall into place. So before you adopt a new trend, know thy body first. 

Photo Credit: (With all due respect to the recent much-adored fashion designer Alexander McQueen, I have to post this pic. These lobster claw heels amaze me every time I see this. Lady Gaga wore them last night at the MTV VMA's. Of course, that was no suprise!)


SohoAccessories said...

Never spend mega bucks on trendy fashions or accessories. They only stay in style for a season or two, and then you can't wear them or you will look dated.

KDC Events said...

OUCH those shoes!! I do know thy body too well...I think that keeps me inside the box =( I need to take more risks!