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Interview: 'Bangle and Clutch' Founder Nannette Bosh Tells All

Fashion does NOT have to cost a fortune. Again, I repeat: Fashion does NOT have to cost a fortune.
Luxurious style is most definitely affordable and accessible -- it's just a matter of where you shop (and how you use your smarts). That said, I am totally happy that exists as it is a site that offers a diverse selection of unique accessories, including jewelry, bags and "trendy extras." From marked down items to higher ticketed pieces, the accessories sold on Bangle and Clutch cater to fashionistas with different budgets. I love that!
And 'cause I love to pick the brains of those who create greatness, I interviewed the founder, Nannette Bosh. Her mission is to offer women the right accessories for their outfit and wardrobes. 'Nuff said -- enjoy!
There are so many fabulous features on your site,, that I don't know where to start! So, how about you tell me how you got started in this industry...
Business ownership is in my blood. My parents started their own successful business over 25 years ago. I learned at a young age that if you are willing to take risks the rewards can be amazing. I have always loved fashion. When I was younger I worked for a local boutique, one of three stores owned by just one woman. I totally looked up to and admired her -- I absolutely loved that job. Being able to help women pull a look together that was perfect for them, and seeing their elated faces and renewed sense of confidence made me feel like I was making a difference.

I eventually became a part owner in the family's manufacturing business. However, a year later, I sold my company shares to my brother because I knew I was destined to head back to the business that I loved: fashion. I started a fashion wholesale and rep company after working at the accessory tradeshows. Being exposed to all the most recent fashion trends out of NY and LA, I realized that all women should have access to these hot trends, not just the ones living in the fashion capitols. If you live outside NY and LA you can often find yourself waiting two years to gain access to that couture in your area, if at all. Bingo, I found my niche! So I had to open Bangle and Clutch, as I knew in my gut (and lucky for me) I was right.
Your site offers amazing deals on unique jewelry and an incredible selection. How does your team provide an overall, well-rounded experience for consumers?
We carefully select the most unique beautiful pieces we can find and order in limited quantity so that everyone can feel they have something special. Shopping for and selecting that perfect piece is not easy for many women, especially online. So I wanted to be sure that had a platform for women to use as a resource for personal assistance. I knew it was extremely important to find a way to help our clients online as if they were inside our brick and mortar. That is why we created the "Get the Look" page on the website. This page is a place for women to go where they can upload a photo of themselves as well as their outfits, and we can help them create a great look of their own. This type of style assistance helps women scoop up compliments, and we all know compliments build self-esteem.
It is said that Bangle and Clutch was founded on the concept of bringing out a woman's inner "fashionista." How does your merchandise help to achieve this?

Let's face it we all have the days where we want to bum out in our sweats. However on most days women do want to look their shiny best. Many women will see a look and feel they can't pull it off. Actually our clients are continuously increasing the size of the pieces they purchase because as the compliments roll in, their confidence soars. The client who was once a lady sporting a simple strand of pearls now becomes a woman in a statement necklace that walks confidently into the room because she owns it and she knows it. These are the women who have released their inner "fashionista."
If my budget was $50 for a new pair of earrings, which ones would you recommend? My style is boho chic...
The moment I heard boho chic the first thing that came to mind is our multi-colored Palmetto Peacock Feather earrings. Priced at $24.00 you can get a pair for yourself and one for a friend. We now offer free shipping so you will actually come in $2.00 under budget. While nice in the picture, trust me they are truly stunning in person.
There is definitely a warm and fuzzy feeling attached to Bangle and Clutch. I believe the "Ask Nannette" section helps to put people at ease. How long have you been addressing lifestyle questions and concerns?
I've been a Certified Lifestyle & Relationship Coach for almost a year. It is my personal goal to help as many women as possible have it all, and then some. I feel it is time to pay it forward. I believe that with inspiration, motivation, and the right communication techniques women can become empowered enough to have it all. I have a style book releasing in February called "My Style, My Way" and have begun working on a second book that will deal more with how we feel on the inside not how we look on the outside. I have fallen madly in love with female inspiration -- it is amazingly powerful.
Tell me about your own sense of fashion. What/who is your inspiration?
I love so many different styles that I tend to be a bit all over the place. I guess you could say I dress to fit my mood. I hate to admit it but I am not loyal to any one designer, and I much prefer the new up-and-comers. These designers march to the beat of their own drum. This is where the true artistic talent can be found, and it shows in their work. Their accessories are unique and beautiful because they love what they do and it shows. They are humble, yet proud, and to me that is inspiring.
What are some of Bangle and Clutch must-haves?
I think every woman needs a killer statement necklace. It should have multiple colors so you can weave it throughout your entire wardrobe. Must-haves are so personal. However, my must-have favorite on the site is It's a Necklace, Bracelet & a Belt, which is eighty inches of interchangeable beads and chains. The possibilities with this piece are endless.
Another thing every woman must have is a dress bag and a clutch, both with a pop of color. And it doesn't need to match your shoes; it only needs to compliment them. We all love our little black dress and this is the way to make your ordinary dress extraordinary.
Three words to describe your site: Trendsetting, Inspirational, and Unique.

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