Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'Launch My Line' with Galina Sobolev

If you are a fan of Project Runway, you'll definitely find some interest in Bravo's new Reality TV show, Launch My Line. It's a show about diverse professionals in a competition who want to launch their own fashion line. It's fun to see such these professionals, such as a choreographer, event planner, DJ, and music executive, develop fashion ideas. But they don't do it alone! They each are paired up with a designer to help them ride out their visions.

One special designer to take notice of -- Galina Sobolev. This kind-hearted designer's line, Single, is so chic and feminine...

Back up four years, and I actually attended one of her shows during LA Fashion Week at Smashbox. I will never forget sorta pushing my way through the other reporters on the runway to get a few quotes from her. She stood her ground and gave me five minutes (I was covering the show for Agenda Magazine). I will never forget that. So to now see her on the show is such a delight. Honestly, her collection rocks.

So enjoy! Launch My Line is on Bravo on Wednesdays, 11/10 c. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of it! (As well, as who is your favorite...)

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Unknown said...

Ahhh, I absolutely adore reality shoes like this however we never get any of these shows here in Doha! Will have to see if I can find them on the internet once they have aired! Keep on reporting! said...

I LOVE the show much more than Bravo's The Fashion Show. I haven't chosen a favorite yet but think the concept is fantastic!