Saturday, February 28, 2009

GUEST BLOG POST: Must-Have Luxe Staple Items That Every Diva Should Own!

If you don't know about Luxe Tips by Latoicha Givens, now you know! What I love about meeting other fashion writers and bloggers, such as Latoicha Givens, is the fact that we all have our say in what is hot, what is needed for our closets, and what is a MUST HAVE. This is because we stay up-to-date with trends, open our eyes to the world around us, have experienced at some point a fashion-gone-wrong situation, and even gain insight directly from the designers themselves. Thus, we present this information to you!

Just as I am happy to help you get down to the nitty-gritty of finding specific pieces during a stress-free shopping trip, I am happy to report Latoicha's complete list of "Must-Have Staple items that every Diva should own:"


Fashion trends come and go but every Diva should own certain luxe staple items that will stand the test of time. These items can be worn for any occasion, in any decade, and in any region. So what are these items? I started a list of must have luxe staple items here. However, this list is not complete. So here are my top MUST HAVE staple items every Diva should own:

Staple Pieces
Staple Pieces - by Luxetips on

Black Cashmere Cardigan. Eight years ago I had the perfect cashmere and silk blend black cardigan. However, I lost it while traveling. Devastating. This is my favorite item of clothing. It is great with jeans, slacks, paired with a skirt, or over a dress. You will always look classically chic wearing a black cashmere cardigan.

Cashmere Scarf. With a cashmere scarf you can achieve fabulousness and practicality. Wear this scarf at the office, on a plane, or draped over a ball gown.

Quality pair of Black Pumps. Those who know me know that I love Stuart Weitzman pumps. The quality is outstanding! When purchasing pumps make sure you buy the good stuff! You can wear pumps with anything. It is my go-to-shoe when I just can’t figure out what shoe to wear with an item.

Wrap Dress. In my opinion, the wrap dress is the most versatile and comfortable item of clothing a Diva should own. You can wear a wrap dress at the office, out with the girls, or shopping.

Quality crisp white shirt. I must confess: I am always buying white shirts because once you get a sweat stain they are done. However, I have learned to wear a very thin neutral spandex shirt underneath to avoid ruining the white shirt. I LOVE the look of a crisp white shirt with a pencil skirt or slacks. This is the perfect work attire. I also like to wear my white shirt with jeans and flats when running errands or attending a casual event.

A great pair of Jeans. The price point is irrelevant as long as they look great on you. Jeans should be flattering to your figure and comfortable. I am a fan of Jordache ($80) and Hudson Jeans ($225). They look good on me.

Fabulous roomy handbag. Every Diva should own a high quality, roomy handbag. It does not have to be Louis Vuitton or Chanel. However, make sure time and effort went into the construction of the bag. My fabulous luxe everyday bag is a Ralph Lauren satchel. My hubby purchased it for my first Mother’s Day. The leather is like butta! The stitching is exceptional and the hardware is sturdy. When I carry this bag, men and women alike always want to know where I got it. If you don’t have one, save for it and get one!

And Divas during this current economic recession, purchasing these staple items is so affordable. Luxe items are going for unbelievable prices. So if you are able, stock up on these items now. You will be so happy you did 10 years from now!


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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Latoicha!