Friday, November 28, 2008

A Memorable Birthday Pre-Party with My Niece

Last Saturday night, I enjoyed celebrating my semi-surprise 28th birthday with my friends, my love Steve, and my transformed apartment (he brought Hollywood to our place with a red carpet-themed party). And because I had to be out of the place at 4 p.m. for he and everyone to set up, I headed to my sister's place to get ready there.

...And hangin' out with my niece Neria "pre-partying" was one of the best birthday gifts I could have received (along with the big pink cupcake with "frinkles" on top she made me). So as I get primped for the party, Ri is enjoying herself in my blue suede Marc Fisher heels. I didn't tell her to pose for the picture; this little 2 year-old just knows how to look fierce.

For another lovely pic of me and Neria, check out Chic Galleria where I tell you how to turn your pennies into quarters with a personal moi!

(party pics coming soon...)


Unknown said...

She is so cute! And those blue shoes look familiar. (LOL!)

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I love the picture with the shoes. My daughter is 4 years old. Whenever family comes over, she can’t wait to grab their shoes and walk around the house wearing them.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Nikki and Jennifer! It's so adorable watching her play dress-up. She has her own "collection" of dresses and shoes at my parents' house. ;)

Fashion Trend Guide said...

How cute! It always makes me smile when kids try on adult shoes and walk around :)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I know Poster Girl! When she started crawling, she would do so with one hand, and the other holding up her purse on her arm. It was the cutest thing. Me and my sister knew from the beginning, we have a fashionista on our hands! ;)