Thursday, September 18, 2008

'Lipstick Jungle' Fashion in Chic Galleria Magazine

Check out what "Victory Ford" is wearing on set during one of the returning episodes of Lipstick Jungle, by visiting Chic Galleria. Played by Lindsay Price, this character is my favorite among the trio of career multi-tasking moguls. One fabulous designer!

(And speaking of fabulous designers...What do you think of my new layout? Chic Galleria's Beth Anderson offered to play around with the look of my site, and in trusting her style and vision, I was happy to give her 100% creative freedom, while still maintaining my original illustration header from Elaine Biss.)

Sooooo, OK, as for Lipstick Jungle: September 24th - back on NBC.


raquel roysdon said...

Like the layout :)

Beth Anderson said...


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Raquel! I think it's also easier to read and a bit more sophisticated but still "girly." Agree?

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...
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