Thursday, May 15, 2008

Misikko For All of Your Hair Care Beauty Tools (and I mean ALL)!

Talk about convenience!, a Philadelphia-based consumer-driven Web site featuring the newest innovations in the hair & beauty industry, offers 2-day FREE shipping on purchases $50 and over. That's an amazing deal, especially if you're like me and truly hate waiting on the products you crave.

I heart my pink CHI flat iron, as it is has been my must-have hair care tool for the last year. The good side is that I can get it just nearly as straight as my hair dresser June can, which allows me to go into the shop a bit less and save money in the process, but it does get really hot in my hands when using it for longer than 20 minutes (which has caused me to drop it a few time. Yes, yikes). So, I am currently trying out one of Misikko's fabulous flat irons and will provide a new product review for you about this hair care tool on Beauty Chat, coming soon!

Until then, check out and see how diverse a selection of products and services they offer. Some of what caught my eye was:

- Beauty Tips - Want to know how to use a flat iron or curling iron? Now, you can pick up some new insight on what TO do and what NOT to do, while saving face and not having to ask your friend, sister, or hairstylist. You'll already be in the know!

- Shampoo for men - I am not familiar with "Phyto Phytoaxil Shampoo," but it is said to be "a great energizing cocktail for men with hereditary hair loss". For your boyfriend or husband? (Could be a good start if a hair transplant is out of the question.)

- Bath and Body - If you want to have good quality hair, it is highly likely that you want good quality skin care and makeup. From acne supplements to bath salts and bubbles -- yup, the products featured on are vast!

- Teeth Whitening and Lip Plumpers - A beautiful smile and being in good oral health could also give you that extra confidence boost (in addition to the compliments you might receive about your lovely 'do...)

The goal of "To help you learn about the tools of the trade so you can find the right salon tools & products at the right prices - whenever & wherever the mood strikes." Nicely put, and making it all about meeting the needs of the consumer is, in my book, the making of excellent customer service. (Be sure to look for my review on Beauty Chat Blog soon!)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Missiko

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