Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trina Says Stay P.H.A.T. – “Pretty, Hot and Tempting”

“I'm tired of hearing that big women are not attractive. I feel like sterotypes think the norm is just a size 2, but we women come in all shapes and sizes.”

I agree with Trina of Big Girls Don’t Cry, who expressed this sentiment to me recently regarding stereotypes and plus size women. Her blog and shop is a turn in a refreshing direction for ladies with extra curves, a fabulous sense of fashion, and who refuse trying to fit a size 2 mold. Trina, a super mama of four who credits comedian/actress Mo’Nique as her ultimate inspiration in looking and feeling confident, loves to mix and match outfits from her already existing wardrobe. Yes, she is very talented.

I’m so glad that Trina and I had the chance to meet through our beloved Divapreneur Community, because I understand the difficulty it can be to find fashion that is flattering and looks like it was made with my shape in mind. I might be on the smaller size, but I am still curvalicious (and proud of it!). So with great delight, I present some affordable, trendy dresses by Torrid for Spring and Summer – all which can be found by visiting Big Girls Don’t Cry:

Regular price: $86
SALE price: $63.98

Regular price: $74
SALE price: $54.98

Price: $58

Price: $64

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Unknown said...

Bravo, let's here it for the curvy girls!! I cannot believe how hard it is to find clothes that fit. I am not a thin girl nor am I a plus size. I am not sure where I fit in. I am just a woman in my forties with curves who doesn't want to dress like a teenager or my grandmother. I just want fashionable clothes that are affordable & that FIT!!
I am too large for most stores & too small for the plus size stores.

Someone is missing a wonderful business opportunity to market clothing to this group of women. We have fashion sense, we are looking for great clothes & we are ready to buy! Where are you?
Best wishes to Trina with her business venture!

Anonymous said...

This is so relevant and true to my needs. I hate going in stores only to find items that are just a wisp of fabric. I need more, I want more! Great to know there is niche being filled!!!-PV

Anonymous said...

Hi thank you so much for the best wishes. And I need to look into this. There may be a place I just have to dig in. If you don't mind can you send me an email of what size you wear? And I can look up your size clothes. I 've did searches and found shopping sites I've never heard of and they are very fashionable clothing.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I sure will Trina! Anytime that I get down and out regarding my shape, I just remind myself that ALL women have body issues -- whether size 2 or 22. But it takes a strong and confident woman to accept her body and not just deal with it, but love herself for you Trina! Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Yes all of us have those issues, And we just have to learn how to accept of bodies. I like dressing myself and the clothes flatter my figure. I use to feel real bad about my body, but I just had to accept it for what it is. When I dress I feel so good and on top of the world. And getting compliments makes you feel so good.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks Trina, I will check it out!

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome

Anu said...

great dresses and a really nice, positive post :).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anu for the compliment