Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jeans For Your Unique Shape, Size, and Height!

I was recently chatting with a friend-slash-new client during her phone consultation recently, and she turned me onto a fabulous site dedicated to jean shopping: And let me tell you, this isn't just searching for your size - it a true, fitting room experience. The jeans in the style you want, the size, the length, etc. are brought to YOU after selecting your preferences.

Although I am still a big fan of trying on before purchasing; this seems to be a foolproof way of saving your gas $$ (SoCal - like $3.10/ gallon) and a pretty penny if you're able to! Did I mention you can even browse the jeans selected for you by price?

Check it out, search for jeans, and tell me your thoughts! (The lady who showed me this site recently lost a good amount of weight and is now searching for great-fitting, sexy jeans. She was in love with more than a handful of her selected jeans!)

My question to you is: Do you prefer to shop for fashion online and deal with shipping prices OR in-stores and deal with pushy or not-so-helpful sales associates?

And thanks "Big Sis." You know who you are!!!


Divapreneur said...

No sales associates for me thanks!!! I like making my own choices, not motivated by possible commissions earned.

Beth Anderson said...

I love and too! Some of my favorite places to hang out!

KDC Events said...

Very interesting! I am going to check it out today!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

OMG, I'm so happy to share this new find with y'all. I think I'm gonna have to put aside a few hours soon for me to really explore my options. Finding jeans, for me, is an intense experience and one that I don't take lightly!!!

Anonymous said...

And I like jeans and it matters for me, whether to buy them at their original price or twice as cheaper.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I am so with you Angel -- wearing my favorite designers half off or MORE always makes me feel fabulous. It just takes some hunting and searching. brings your denim needs to YOU. Great personal service!